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Race Team Update – July 2020 Week #4

The last weekend in July was another strong one for the JConcepts race team! We took several wins and podiums from around the U.S. and abroad and you can read about our winning ways in this week’s Race Team Update!

Let’s start this week’s report in the Pacific Northwest at the Northwest Championship Tour (NCT) at Skagit River Raceway in Lynden, WA. Team driver Shane Preugschat competed at this race and took 1st place in 40+ Nitro 1/8 Buggy, 1st in Pro 1/8 Nitro Truggy and 8th in Pro 1/8 Nitro Buggy! He said the JConcepts Reflexes in the Blue and Green compounds were the hot ticket in all classes!

Also competing at this race was team mate Austin Cracknell. He said this was his first nitro race and it was a good one as he made both mains in Pro 1/8 Nitro Buggy and Expert 1/8 Electric Buggy! He took home 3rd place in Expert 1/8 Electric Buggy and unfortunately broke out in the nitro main. He said his cars felt great all weekend on JConcepts rubber and we hope to see him at more nitro events soon!

Now let’s fly down to California to check in on the team who were competing at the Round 5 of the JBRL Electric Series. This race was held at Controlled Chaos Raceway (CCR) in Palmdale and starting things off is young JC driver Levi Raymond. He took the TQ and win in the 13.5 4wd Buggy class using a JConcepts Carpet | Astro High-Clearance Rear Wing and Ellipses in the Aqua compound!

His brother and team mate Chase Raymond also took the top spot on the podium, but this time in the 21.5 2wd Buggy class! He secured the TQ and win using a F2 body, Carpet | Astro High-Clearance Rear Wing and R2 compound Ellipses.

Another JConcepts driver in attendance was Mike Sorchy and he reports that he took 5th place in both the Expert Stock 2wd Buggy and 13.5 4wd Buggy classes and also 6th place in the 13.5 Stadium Truck class! He said for the outdoor sugared track surface he opted to use the Ellipse tires in the rear and Dirt Webs in the front, all in the Aqua compound.

JConcepts driver Chris Raymond also raced at this event too and reported that he took 3rd place in the 40+ 2wd Buggy class while using a JConcepts F2 body, Carpet | Astro High-Clearance Rear Wing and R2 compound Ellipses! Great job team!

Now let’s jump over to Nevada and check out the race action at 702 RC Raceway Las Vegas. Team driver Paige Barr reports that she finished up the carpet series at 702 and took 2nd place overall in the 13.5 Stadium Truck class! She said her F2 Finnisher body, Mono wheels, Carbon Fiber Front and Rear Shock Towers and JConcepts rubber made her fast at every round.

Let’s keep moving East and stop in at the Utah State Championships at Eaton’s IRCR (Intermountain R/C Raceway) in Salt Lake City. Competing there was team driver Shane Weed who ran in the Mod 2wd and 4wd Buggy classes. After 3 qualifiers he started in 3rd for both mains and would finish there too after AAA Mains to earn the double podium that weekend! He said traction was extremely high thanks to his JConcepts Ellipses in both the Silver and Aqua compounds.

Now let’s shoot down to Texas to check out the race action at Wild Bill’s RC Raceway in Irving. JC driver Kevin Lenderman raced in the Outlaw Sprint class Friday night and took second place while using JConcepts Green compound Dirt Webs up front and Ellipses in the rear!

Moving north to Oklahoma let’s check in on the team at the 2020 Summer Showdown at Taylor Park RC Raceway in Yukon. Team driver Tyler Keel took the TQ and win in the Open Sprint and Midwest Modified classes! His tires of choice were the Green compound Dirt Webs and Ellipses with Dirt Tech inserts.

Team mate Billy Caldwell was also competing at this event and finished in 7th place in the Outlaw Sprint class and took the final spot on the podium in the Midwest Modified class! His Midwest Modified ride was decked out with JConcepts Aluminum C and D blocks, Aluminum Steering Bellcranks, Aluminum Steering Rack, and a Servo Mount Bracket. All parts were in the blue color option and for tires he used the white Mono wheels along with Blue and Green compound Ellipses.

JC driver Heath Lawson also raced at this event and reported that he narrowly missed the bump spot in the B main for the Open Sprint class. He said during practice he ran Blue compound Sprinters, and for the rest of the day he switched over to Blue compound Ellipses in the rear and Dirt Webs in the front.

The final team driver at this event that we want check in with is David Alford. This was his first race with the his new Custom Works Rocket 4 and it must have been dialed since he took 3rd place in the main while using JConcepts Ellipses in the Blue compound in the rear and Blue compound Dirt Webs in the front!

Staying in Oklahoma let check on team driver Brian Stanton who raced at Battleground RC Speedway in Muskogee. Running on high bite clay he qualified in 4th place for both the Open Late Model and Outlaw Sprint mains, and after the mains were ran he took 2nd in Late Model and 1st overall in Outlaw Sprint! He used Mono wheels, Dirt Tech inserts, and Ellipse tires in both the Green and Aqua compounds.

Now let’s head East into Kansas to check on team driver David Alberico who competed at the 2020 Kansas Dirt Oval Championship at Checkered Flag R/C Raceway in Bonner Springs. He was able to lock up first place in the Sprint Car class while using Silver compound Dirt Webs in the front and Ellipses in the rear!

Continuing East let’s get an update from JConcepts driver Travis Slover in Missouri. He attended Round 2 of the Summer Off-Road Points Series at Fastlane Raceway in Blue Springs and took the TQ and win in the 1/8 Electric Buggy class! He said his Tekno ride was equipped with Blue compound Stalkers on yellow Bullet wheels and a S1 body.

Now let’s jump over to Illinois to see how the team did at the recent Trigger King R/C Monster Truck Series race in Waterloo. JC driver Josh Rhodes competed with the new JConcepts Regulator chassis conversion kit in his Bigfoot IV replica and it took its first bracket win! He also ran a Grandma Grave Digger rig and both monster trucks were decked out in the following JC gear:

Bigfoot IV

  • JConcepts Golden Years/Tribute wheels
  • JConcepts 1989 Ford F-250 Body
  • JConcepts Regulator Chassis
  • JConcepts Regulator BTA Steering
  • JConcepts Shapeways Light bar

Grandma Grave Digger

  • JConcepts Firestorms/Tribute wheels
  • JConcepts Grandma Body

Also crushing it as this event was team mate Jeremy Mark. He made it into the final rounds of elimination bracket racing in the Pro Modified class. After he tied for first place he ended up in second after a tie breaker. He said his truck was decked out with JConcepts Blue compound Renegades tires on Tribute wheels, a 2005 Chevy 1500 MT Single Cab body and Rubber Bump Stops. He said he also debuted his new JConcepts Regulator chassis in the retro class and decked it out with the JConcepts BTA steering kit, Golden Year tires, Tribute wheels, 1980s GMC K12 body and the Rubber Bump Stops again!

JC driver Chris Tolbert took the win in the Pro Mod Bracket 2 racing class with Bigfoot 21 replica while running Blue compound Renegades on Tribute wheels!

And JConcepts driver Chris Parrish reports that he achieved his first Freestyle win with his Indominus truck thanks to his JConcepts Tribute wheels, Renegades tires and the 2010 Ford Raptor body! He also earned second place in the Retro Bracket 1 with his Bearfoot rig while using JConcepts Golden Years tires, Tribute wheels, and a 1988 body. Finally, he is also happy to report that he got second place too in the Sport Bracket 1 with his Kingslayer truck decked out in JConcepts Renegades tires on Tribute wheels along with a 2008 Ford F-150 SuperCab body. Way to crush it team!

Now let’s hop over two states into Ohio to check out the team results at The Ohio RC Factory in Jeffersonville for the Ohio State Championships. Team driver Brandon Marsh competed at this event and reports that he finished 2nd in the 1/8 Electric Buggy class! Since the mains were ran at night he said he decided to use the JConcpets Reflexes in the Green compound.

Also competing at this race was team mate Miss Bella. In the 1/8 Electric Truggy class she qualified in 2nd for the main and took the overall win! Her truggy was equipped with JConcepts Reflexes in the A2 compound. She also bumped up into the A Main for the 1/8 Electric Buggy class and finished a solid 8th place while using the same tire selection.

Now let’s head South into Tennessee to check in on JC driver Justin Green. He was racing at APEX Raceway and Hobbies in Murfreesboro at the Beast Of The SouthEast Series that was held there. He took the double win in the Mod 2wd and 4wd Buggy classes using Swaggers and Twin Pins tires!

Continuing South let’s go down into Alabama to check in on the team. The first round of the 2020 RC Pro 1/8 East Series held at Warehouse Hobby Raceway in Helena. JConcepts driver Danny Smith took 2nd place in the Pro 1/8 Nitro Buggy class using JConcepts Green compound Detox tires.

And joining him on the podium in 1st place was team mate Micah Smith! He said he used Blue compound Detox tires and a S15 lid for his Tekno ride.

Now let’s buzz over to Connecticut to check out the race action at RC Madness in Enfield for their BBQ Blast event. Team driver John Goode reports that he took 6th place in the 1/8 Nitro Buggy class and 3rd in the 1/8 Nitro Truggy class! His buggy ran on Blue compound Kosmos tires while his truggy competed with Blue compound Triple Dees.

Also racing was team driver Eric Bresnahan. He raced in the Short Course Truck and 1/8 Nitro Buggy classes and his truck was running strong on Subcultures while his buggy used a mix of Kosmos and Reflexes tires.

Also racing that weekend were team drivers Andrew and Tom Bishop. Andrew took the TQ and win in the 13.5 4wd Buggy class while Tom took the win in the 17.5 2wd Buggy class! Andrew’s winning wheeler used the full JConcepts Aero package, a F2 body, a Carpet | Astro High-Clearance Rear Wing and JConcepts Nessi and Swaggers tires. Tom used the same equipment package except for a P2 body.

Finally, let’s get a race update from our overseas team. Driver Alberto Garcia took third place at the Madrid championship! His buggy was running strong thanks to JConcepts Y2 compound Diamond Bars, O2 compound Blockers and a F2I wing.

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