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Ocala RC Club SlashTastic Event


The Ocala RC Car Club has been having some issues with their city goverment concerning construction of a new drivers stand – this past weekend they held a race as a fund raiser, JConcepts contributed some prizes and some of the local JC driver were in attendanace – the club made a short course version of the layout and had a big turnout for the Slash class.

The follow is Matt Mosieur’s race report from the local clubs website  –Tim

by Matt Mosieur
JC T-Shirt Travel Team President

Ok so I thought it would be cool to do a race report since we havent had one in awhile.  Let me start my thanking Danny for being the track god. Dennis and Larry for the make shift pit lane/drivers stand. James for running the computer. Dexter for being super sexy and Tim for knowing everything.
I would also like to thank our sponsors Jconcepts, Coke, Pepsi, Coke Zero, #2 Pencil, Hannah Montanna “The Movie”, Summers Eve and Wonder Bread.
For this event,  we ran a new race format for the Slash class.  A Reedy Race format, with eight 4-minute heads up races would be run, using your finishing position in each race as your points attained.  The person with the lowest score at the end of the day while factoring in 2 throwout rounds was declared the winner and the overall “gimmic” champion. Being that Tim Davis was alreay the Mini Z Gimmic champion of Ormond Beach he was the early on Favorite. We also ran a Short course layout different than the normal layout, to avoid the big jumps and super long straightaways.

Now I dont actually have the results in front of me but it was pretty much the Tim and Tyler show,with the rest of us battling for third. Heading into the 7th race Tim had 4 first and 2 second place finishes Tyler had 2 seconds and 2 firsts place finishes. The start of the race was fairly clean with mysef taking the ealry lead with Tim in Tow, I actually thought that Tim was content with letting me take the win because we had a pretty comfortable lead …. then reality hit and Tyler was realing him in a hurry and at the one minute to go mark Tim decided it was time to go and proceeded to take me out .. and the crowd sighed… Tim would go on to take the win with Tyler in 2nd … I would end of third after having to call my therapist to calm me down. With the win that locked up the super slash world championship for Timmmmmmmmmy… yay…who cares..
****************Breaking News This Just In**********************************************
Tim cheated, according to Danny Mayer, Tim was using the NEW Jconcepts Truth Slash Body, which was clearly an advantage. He also used some type of “lube” to coat his tires! Like most cheaters his chances of making into the hall of fame are pretty much shot … ask Clemens. Again Tim Cheated!
As far as the other classes go Zakk Genova dominated by TQ’n and winning both mod classes. Its has to be the backwards hat or the cool paint job.

Congrats to our Raffle winners Tood and James. Thanks Jconcepts! Congrats to Mason winning the Date with Dexter (be gentle Dex its his first date).

In conclusion it was nice to see some old faces racing again Gary Miller and Trevor “Lucky Pirate” Iverson. Here are somethings we learned today:

* James Tanous can break anything
* Tim Cheated
* 8 slashes on the short course is fun
* We need to buy Danny a new hat
*Tim is always posing and he cheats

mattslash_360x480.jpeg  timslash_360x480.jpeg  mattaction_360x480.jpeg  ginobli_360x480.jpeg  dex_360x480.jpeg  timmy_640x480.jpg

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