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FREE economy shipping on all orders over $99* US (lower 48 states)

Nitro Knockout

For the 2nd time this season JConcepts has stepped up to sponsor an Emery Park RC Club event. At the 2011 Nitro Knockout JConcepts sponsored several gift certificates, including the one pictured at the right being held by Kinser Kennedy. He is one of EPRC’s youngest racers and was very excited to win the JConcepts gift certificate!

Rain was a factor for Friday’s practice and Sunday’s main events, but after a short delay, both days went extremely well. By early afternoon on Friday the track had some heavy traffic from drivers trying to get down the timing and flow of the track. EPRC installed a fresh layout for this event with many additional features and rhythm sections to challenge the skill of the drivers.

The qualifying format was 4 rounds of IFMAR style qualifying. The best 2 rounds were taken using qual points to determine qualifying order. Saturday mother nature cooperated giving racers some great conditions all day long. In between rounds the track was lightly watered to keep the track from breaking up and give consistent traction throughout the day.

Early Saturday most racers were using a softer compound tire like a JConcepts blue, but later as it got hotter and the track dried up some, a harder compound seemed to be more popular such as a JConcepts yellow.

On Sunday, EPRC was threatened with a rain out on main event day. A sizable thunderstorm soaked the track into a muddy mess and many racers were wondering if Mother Nature had Knocked out the Nitro Knockout! However, once the rain ended early Sunday morning, the Club quickly swung into action. After draining the puddles off of the track, members spread about 20 bags of pine shavings to soak up the water. Within an hour it looked very promising and the mains were set to begin at 1:30pm. Once the races started the track was super dialed!

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