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Nitro challenge 2009 -AZ


Besides the 60 min Worlds A-Main – the Nitro Challenge 45 min Pro Buggy A-main is the longest I’ve watched in a long time. Announcing was great- if you watched it you know that we had to rely on audio b-c video sucked. Practically non-existent on LiveRC – but audio was awesome and lap times were available.

But who cares!

After Cavalieri put on a charge last night and took first place from Maifield in Truggy, Maifield was ready to take the charge tonight.

With numerous lead changes, the race had no CLEAR winner. Tebo was Tq on grid, followed by Truhe and Maifield in Third. I lost count of the lead changes.

LiveRC is hilarious – everyone talking about the car they like, the car they don’t like. Totally funny stuff.

Running the newest JConcepts tires, Maifield ( with help from Pit crew Brent and Jake) and major kudos to our boy Jon, and to Jason of course- Maifield wins! Maifield wins! I think it’s safe to say that our boy Ryan has now won every major race in the USA


Posted by ShoZu

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