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Maifield was HOT at the Hot Rod Shootout

Event: Hot Rod Hobbies Offroad Shootout
Location: Hot Rod Hobbies – Saugus, CA
Dates: June 27–29, 2008
Vehicle Class: Electric Offroad

The Hot Rod Hobbies Shootout has quickly become one of the most prestigious electric off-road racing events in the U.S.
Hosted by Jimmy Babcock’s Hot Rod Hobbies in Saugus, California, the event draws top U.S. and international drivers and racing teams for a week of intense competition.

This year’s race served as an unofficial warm-up for the upcoming ROAR 1/10 Electric Offroad National Championships which will also be held at Hot Rod Hobbies in August. With a dry, black-groove–type surface, racers were challenged by the fast, yet technical layout. Throughout practice, the triple jump along the back side of the track proved to be the most difficult jump on the track and had the potential to shape the outcome of the event.

As qualifying started, drivers Ryan Cavalieri and Ryan Maifield propelled themselves to the top of the standings in the three modified classes. Joining them at the top of the standings was Jared Tebo. With a TQ in each of the three classes these three drivers were poised to battle it out for the overall victories in the prestigious modified classes. Ryan Maifield tested and raced the unreleased 3017 JConcepts Bar Code 2wd front tire and 3020 4wd front Bar Code in white and orange compound. Maifield’s qualifying times were impressive as were the performance of the Bar Codes as Ryan layed down several TQ runs between the 2 popular classes.

As anticipated, the trio of Maifield, Cavalieri and Tebo battled it out for the top spots in the modified classes as the main events began. Maifield took advantage of his TQ position in the modified truck class and won the first and second main events, leaving A3 to decide the remainder of the podium. Maifield topped off his winning T4 truck with the new JConcepts Illuzion – Hi-Flow body.

100_5899.jpg mod_truck_podium.jpg

1. Ryan Maifield
2. Ryan Cavalieri
3 Jared Tebo
TQ – Ryan Maifield

In 2WD, TQ Cavalieri piloted his B4 to the top spot in A1; however, in A2 he was challenged heavily by the B4 of Maifield who eventually took the win in A2. This set the stage for a classic Ryan vs. Ryan battle in A3 with Tebo having an outside chance at the victory. At the tone, the three competitors dropped the rest of the field behind and set a blistering pace not wanting anything to do with the other seven A-main finalists. With only a few laps remaining, a small bobble by Cavalieri over the triple jump gave Maifield the opportunity to slip by and take the overall victory. Maifield topped off his winning B4 buggy with the JConcepts Illuzion – Hi-Flow body and 6.5″ high downforce rear wing.

1. Ryan Maifield
2. Ryan Cavalieri
3. Jared Tebo
TQ – Ryan Cavalieri

Not to be left out in the TQ party, reigning 4WD World Champion Jared Tebo started from the pole with his B44. A rough start to A1 found Tebo shuffled to the middle of the pack from which he could never recover. B44 teammate Cavalieri found himself in the lead and never looked back, taking the A1 victory. For A2, again the trio of Tebo, Cavalieri and Maifield found their way to the front and battled it out for the A2 victory. These three drivers were setting a blistering pace and with less than two laps left in the race Tebo had to retire. With Cavalieri out in front by a few seconds over Maifield, Pudge was able to back down the pace a bit and take the overall victory.
By the virtue of winning the first 2 mains Cavalieri was able to sit out A3. Maifield jumped into the early lead with Gardner and Amezcua in 2nd and 3rd. The battle was for 2nd as Gardner, Amezcua and Tebo switched positions numerous times while Maifield just crusied on to the A3 victory. TQ Jared Tebo and 3rd place finisher Ryan Maifeld chose to top off their ultra quick B44’s while racing and debuting the new Illuzion – B44 – Scoopless body. Ryan Maifield’s A3 victory came using the new JConcepts 3020 Bar Code 4wd front tire.

1. Ryan Cavalieri
2. Travis Amezcua
3. Ryan Maifield
TQ – Jared Tebo

100_5903.jpg 100_58881.jpg 100_5895.jpg

Photos and report courtesy – Brent Thielke – Team Associated

Products in focus –

0062 – Illuzion – T4 Hi-Flow body
0050 – Illuzion – B4 Hi-Flow body
0061 – Illuzion – B44 Scoopless body
0051 – Illuzion – B44 Hi-Flow body
0027 – Illuzion – GT2 body
0117 – Illuzion – 6.5″ HD rear wing
0108 – Illuzion – 7″ HD rear wing

3016 – Bar Codes – 2wd rear tire
3017 – Bar Codes – 2wd front tire
3020 – Bar Codes – 4wd front tire

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