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Maifield, Neumann and Genova Win With JConcepts

Race: 2012 Cactus Classic – 26th Annual
Date: March 23-25, 2012
Location: SRS Raceway – Scottsdale, AZ

Ryan Maifield and Jorn Neumann win 4 classes combined and Zack Genova wins 13. 5 4wd buggy with JConcepts.

It was victory under the sun for JConcepts at the 2012 Cactus Classic. Held each year in Scottsdale, AZ, the 26th annual event, now being run and operated by Hobbytown / SRS, brought out the very best the R/C industry has to offer. The event started with drivers getting practice on the jump heavy layout on Wednesday and Thursday which allowed enough time to get completely dialed in for the weekend. With the main man Scotty Ernst behind the microphone in both practice and racing sessions, the famous announcer kept things always running smoothly while always having a keen eye on the race at hand.

Friday morning came early and Team Associated / JConcepts driver Ryan Maifield jumped on the competition and scored quick TQ runs in the modified truck and SCT 2wd modified classes. Half-way through qualifying Ryan sat atop the standings in 3 out of 4 classes with many JConcepts teammates stacking the top 10 as well. Running particularly well, JConcepts driver Brian Kinwald locked himself into the A-mains in all 3 classes on the first day showing he still has a lot of magic left after all these years. Kody Numedahl, Shawn Dunlap, Kai Goff, Max Flurer and Zack Genova also ran well for JConcepts on day-1.

On Saturday morning the weather turned warm very quickly and the competition heated up as well. Ryan Cavalieri claimed the top qualifying spot in the Modified truck class while Ryan Maifield claimed the coveted TQ positions in SCT 2wd modified and 4wd modified buggy class. Although relatively quiet, Jared Tebo came through when it mattered and took TQ in rounds 3 and 4 in 2wd modified from the B resort qualifier to sit up top. Young Dakota Phend took the overall TQ in the 4×4 SCT class showing his national form. At the end of the day JConcepts drivers stacked the modified A-mains in heavy fashion with as many as 6 drivers (SCT 2wd modified) directly seated into the A-main field highlighted by the 2 class TQ held by Mr. Maifield.

The intensity picked up a notch on Sunday morning when main events started at 8am. Lower mains started the day and began bumping toward the top of the standings. The Triple A-main modified events started after race 7 and featured the modified truck A-main. The track surface by this time had already began to dry out and the dry track tires were gripping the dirt by 9am.

Ryan Cavalieri was the first driver to wrap up an overall championship by taking A-1 and A-2 in modified truck for Team Associated. Ryan Maifield got his rhythm in A-3, pulled out to a huge lead and never looked back as he clinched 2nd overall. Dustin Evans remained smooth in all 3 A-mains and after battling with TLR teammates emerged to finish 3rd overall.

The SCT 2wd modified A-mains featured some of the best racing of the event between TQ Ryan Maifield and 2nd qualifier Jared Tebo. A-1 began with Maifield taking an ever so slight advantage and pulling out to a 2 second lead. With a fresh morning track condition and a slightly dry surface, Ryan’s Factory Team SC10 decked out with JConcepts looked unbeatable while he turned laps in the low 25 second range as he crossed the finish taking A-1.

During A-2 the track conditions heated up slightly and as the hot sun burnt down on the surface Ryan found himself in 5th place after the first lap, a great block pass from Jared and a crash and turn-marshal. Ryan went back to work and powered the SC truck back into second place and within just a few laps just behind Tebo. Jared made a small mistake and hooked a corner on the Islands section and Maifield regained the lead. Lap after lap Ryan cleanly down-sided the difficult triple jump showing the consistency of the Hi-Flow body while he increased the gap. Taking A-2 for the hometown fans, Maifield retained his title from 2011, giving Team Associated / JConcepts back-to-back victories and his first championship of the day.

With the rest of the positions undecided, A-3 hit the track and Tebo quickly took the lead with a freight-train behind him. After a huge scramble of crashes and SCT beating and banging, Kody Numedahl came out up front. Kody finally had some breathing room and stretched the lead while Tebo, Kinwald and Cavalieri fought amongst themselves. At the finish Kody took the win for JConcepts / Team Associated and wrapped up 3rd place overall.

4×4 Short Course was set to begin and TQ Dakotah Phend was out front. Jorn Neumann who had some troubles in qualifying made his way to the front in a hurry with his JConcepts equipped Durango truck. Jorn was absolutely flying and made a charge for the lead quite early while the competition filed in behind. Jorn earned the A-1 victory in dominant fashion. A-2 began with the top seated drivers again battling for the top spots. Jorn worked his way through while eventually pulling into 2nd and just behind Dakotah Phend. Dakotah made a small mistake which placed Jorn into the lead which he capitalized on. A small mistake made the race closer and it came down to the final lap where Jorn held off a hard charging Dakotah at the finish line to secure the victory for Durango and JConcepts. Jorn’s truck was hooked to the track with JConcepts Pressure Points in orange compound while a Hi-Flow body topped off the winning truck.

2wd modified was the most competitive all weekend long. A-1 began with Jared Tebo leading out and breaking away from the field with Ryan Cavalieri. It wasn’t long before Ryan Maifield entered the race and after a mistake by Jared the Ryan and Ryan show were now 1st and 2nd. Maifield attempted many passes but could never get a clean move and Cavalieri hung on for a valuable A-1 win. During A-2 Maifield and Evans got into each other on the start allowing Tebo, Cavalieri and Phend to cruise in the top 3. Maifield put the hammer down and made himself a challenger and after a mistake by Tebo put himself back into the top 3. Cavalieri made an uncharacteristic mistake putting Dakotah out front. Maifield now chased Dakotah but with only 3 laps to go, he was a hard catch. Holding on for the win Dakotah Phend took A-2 with Maifield again finishing 2nd.

A-3 was a classic main event. With the top 4 drivers taking the quad, Dustin Evans crashed first, opening the door for Maifield to enter the top 3 on the opening lap. Tebo crashed in the islands section and now the grudge match was on up front. Cavalieri vs. Maifield was in full affect and Maifield looked to make a move quickly off the quad jump and angled ever so slightly toward the concrete curb and pulled off an incredible pass entering the tight S-turn. Maifield flat out stayed punch in his JConcepts equipped B4.1 buggy as he knew the tie-breaker would come down to overall time. No mistakes, lap after lap Maifield jumped the difficult quad while Cavalieri fell behind and the speedy hometown driver increased his lead to 10 seconds. Crossing the line, the championship was all his as the tie-break wasn’t even close. Ryan Maifield took 1st place, Ryan Cavalieri 2nd and Dakota Phend 3rd.

The single 10 minute 4wd, 13.5 A-main main event took the track surface. With his steady B44.1 doing the work and JConcepts tires doing the heavy gripping, Zack Genova jumped out to a very good start. The upcoming Florida driver attacked the track with skill and consistency and dominated the main. Crossing the finish, the proud father and son celebrated their first Cactus Classic victory and racked up another podium position for the JConcepts / Team Associated race teams. Bar Codes tires in Orange compound and a custom painted Finnisher B44.1 body and Hi-Clearance wing by Kustom R/C Graphics topped off the winning ride.

The 4wd modified class, the final racing event of the weekend hit the track. A-1 went to Ryan Cavalieri and A-2 went to the TQ driver Ryan Maifield setting up another grudge match for the overall championship heading into A-3. The sun had set on the desert and the air was now cool and the track was lightening quick. Maifield shot off into the lead with Cavalieri 2nd. The 2 drivers pulled away from Jorn Neumann who worked his way into 3rd place very quickly. Maifield made a small bobble which allowed Cavalieri to close the gap. Cavalieri went for the pass but Maifield would not allow the move and quickly regained his position. Maifield powered down and never let up with Cavalieri only a few seconds behind. Ryan Maifield crossed the finish taking the win and his 3rd championship of the day for Team Associated / JConcepts. Ryan Cavalieri finished 2nd and Jorn Neumann 3rd.

Thank you must go out to the SRS staff, event organizers, sponsors and announcer Scotty Ernst. Another top notch event made the Cactus Classic one to remember. Congratulations and thanks to the JConcepts drivers for making it special.

JConcepts products used:

· 3043-04 – Double Dees in orange compound
· 3044-04 – Bar Codes in orange compound
· 3049-04 – Pressure Points in orange compound
· 3344 – Hazard +3mm offset SCT wheels (white)
· 3344B – Hazard +3mm offset SCT wheels (black)
· 3344Y – Hazard +3mm offset SCT wheels (yellow)
· 3033-04 – Bar Codes in orange compound
· 3017-04 – Bar Codes in orange compound
· 3020-04 – Bar Codes in orange compound
· 3347 – Mono 12mm hex B4.1 front wheel
· 3348 – Mono 12mm hex B4.1 rear wheel
· 0212 – B4.1 +8mm Finnisher body
· 0213 – B44.1 Finnisher body
· 0216 – Punisher T4.1 body
· 0122 – Hi-Clearance 6.5” rear wing
· 0222 – Hi-Flow SCT body
· 2075 – 8/32” serrated wheel nut (blue)
· 2043M – Advanced Formulated Tire Glue
· 2134 – SC10 front clamping hex adaptor
· 2081 – SC10 rear clamping hex adaptor
· 2135 – B4.1 front clamping hex adaptor
· 2091 – B4.1 rear clamping hex adaptor
· 2089 – 4mm serrated wheel nuts
· Silent Speed Spur Gear for AE – 81, 84 and 87

JConcepts produced media and announcements during the event:

Ryan Maifield takes A3 in 2wd modified, makes the pass stick on Ryan Cavalieri and finishes off the victory in style. Post race interview with Ryan as he describes how he went about his business in taking 3 classes for the 2nd year in a row.

Please review the following videos along with product information on the latest from JConcepts. As always an official release will follow as product becomes available with part numbers, descriptions and approximate release date.

Hazards – now in yellow
JConcepts released the original +3mm wheel during the 2011 ROAR off-road nationals in the standard black, matte color. JC is now pleased to offer them in bright white and the featured florescent yellow. Match any paint job with a full color assortment.

Pressure Points – 1/10th truck
After the success of the Pressure Points on the SCT trucks, JConcepts went back to work on the development in the reemerging class of 1/10th truck. Pressure Points feature a pin style design which incorporates horizontal bars and the X center lug support for incredible traction on a wide range of surfaces.

1/10th truck Profiled closed cell insert
After the success of the 3206-2 medium closed cell inserts for the 1/10th buggy class, JConcepts designed a similar 1/10th truck insert utilizing the closed cell material that has become so famous on the racing circuit. With inner and outer cut portions for the ultimate feel and support and the durable closed cell material in the famous blue color; JConcepts has another tunable option for the 1/10th truck class.

JConcepts 5 / 10gm weight sets
Weight is a critical aspect of all race cars. R/C is no different and with the introduction of the JConcepts weight sets having a cool looking vehicle with correct bias is no longer a thing of the past. JC logo design with carbon fiber appearance and clearly marked 5 and 10 gram increments sections give a driver the versatility and look they have been waiting for.

Aluminum steering bell-cranks for the B4.1, T4.1 and SC10
JConcepts has the steering system on the B4.1, T4.1 and SC10 covered with an all new light-weight, aluminum steering bell-crank assembly. A servo saver-less aluminum steering system is CNC-machined and replaces the stock plastic bell-cranks, blue anodized and sports machined chamfered silver edges and engraved JC logos. They make for a more rigid steering and increased steering feel and response.

Silent Speed Spur Gears for TLR
A prototype Silent Speed spur gear for the popular TLR 22 and 22-T was on hand during the Cactus Classic. The precision machined spur gears from JConcepts specifically designed for the TLR slipper design and configuration will be available very soon in the shown 76 tooth count and a larger count version for maximum tune-ability.

Carbon Fiber – Monroe T4.1 battery brace
In a continuation of a complete line of Carbon Fiber battery braces, JConcepts released news of a Monroe battery brace for the T4.1 vehicle to go along with the SC10 and B4.1 previously shown. All 3 popular Team Associated vehicles can now be outfitted with the voluptuous Monroe battery brace.

Carbon Fiber – A, B and C hub towers for AE aluminum rear hubs.
Rear camber link and roll-center adjustments are critical on the Team Associated B4.1, T4.1, B44.1 and SC10. Tune with style and security with the A, B and C rear hub towers from JConcepts. A single 2.5mm thickness Carbon Fiber tower gives security, piece of mind and durability to the rear of the popular AE vehicles. Identification bumps near the edge gives the driver an easy way to determine the hub tower of choice while still having a clean and trim fit and finish.

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