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FREE economy shipping on all orders over $99* US (lower 48 states)

Lunch run and product pickup – Round 4 Underway

Is it me?I needed to make a lunch run and pickup some goods at the hotel.  Time for a few more sets of Crossbows and some inserts for the guys.

Maifield still has a chance to TQ overall but will have to get the last round with a TQ and quick time.  He but will probably have to run a perfect run and roughly 11 – 6:01 or 02 area.  He would have to win on a tie-break and it will have to come with a hot (fast) time.

Truggy round 4 A-qualifier

Maifield did not have to run the A qualifier because he had TQ wrapped up.  He’s looking to make the truck better and he made some changes to try and get faster. Still on used yellow Cross Hairs he was looking to tune and tweak the rest of the truck.

Maifield has a rough first lap and drops to eighth in the heat but recovers to 4th within 3 laps.   The top of the heat is Lutz, Drake, Truhe and Maifield charging hard.   Maifield moves to 2nd and is charging hard and 2 seconds behind Lutz.  Lutz is also flying but Maifield throws down a hot lap and gets on a 12 lap pace and takes the lead.   Maifield and Truhe get together which costs mans about a second or so.  Lutz takes the lead again but just then the truck loses drive and he is forced out.   Maifield takes the lead and TQs round 4.

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