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FREE economy shipping on all orders over $99* US (lower 48 states)

Lake Park State Series race

We had a great turn out over the past weekend, at the third FL State Series Race at the Lake Park track.

Drivers got out there early and hit the track on Friday. Paul went down Friday afternoon with a truck load of tires and a pristine J82 that was just itching to hit the track. It was packed on Friday for practice and Saturday for the Nitro round was no exception.

Nitro had 254 entries on Saturday! A great turn out! And then the weather turned against us! The rain came down and flooded everything.

They stopped running for about 1 1/2 hrs and so drivers only got 1 round for qualifying. Pro 1/8th was able to run before the rain but everyone else had to wait until the rain subsided. They did run 5 heats in the rain but the lightning was finally what called for the break.

Running until 3:30 in the morning was enough to reiterate the crew’s thoughts and the FL State Series decided to separate the Nitro from the Electric and run on separate weekends. They have been running Nitro and Electric on the same weekend for years here in FLA!

Paul and Andrew had their J82’s on display and available for anyone to drive all weekend!

The response was tremendous! The J82 is the JConcepts Conversion kit for the AE T4, which takes the T4 from a 1/10th Truck to an electric 1/8th Buggy, new wheels, tires, new body and the special low profile ball cups make this a must have.

The prestigious 2wd class has now gotten bigger. The J82 – Go Bigger, Go Longer, Go J82

On Sunday, we were able to set aside some time and let the racers test out the J82 for themselves. Paul ran his J82 during open practice first thing and then between rounds. At one point we had 10-12 people waiting in line to drive it! The common response we heard was “I gotta have one!”

The track was loose, very little traction for the regular 1/10th buggy, but the J82 had more than enough traction!

We sold a few J82 conversion kits at the track and we can’t wait to run it in State Series as a competitive class as well. With lipo and brushless we can have longer mains, like at the Clash and more comparable to Nitro. The J82 will also be added as a class at the FL Regional’s which will be held in April in South Florida.

Electric drew 75-80 entries on Sunday, another great turnout.

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