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JP Richards TQ’s Modified Buggy at Chi-Town Shootout

Event: Chi-Town Shootout
Track: Leisure Hours Raceway in Joliet, IL
Race Reporter: JP Richards

This past weekend was the Chi-Town Shootout held at the famous Leisure Hours Raceway in Joliet, Illinois. The race has been getting bigger and bigger every year with this one being the biggest with 323 entries total! The race had the fastest drivers that the Midwest region had to offer. Friday would be all day practice, Saturday would consist of three qualifiers, and Sunday would be the final qualifier and single A’s with bump up’s.

Modified buggy went really well throughout the weekend. R1 would see me go on to TQ by six-tenths of a second. R2 I was on a TQ pace but with a few to many wrecks I would get a 7 for the round. R3 saw me TQ with the fastest run and lap of the weekend. R4 while on a TQ pace with 1 minuet to go I got tangled up with a back marker and missed TQ by eight-tenths of a second. With your best two rounds being taken to place you for the main I would start on the TQ position. An early wreck by me shuffled me all the way to the 10th position. As I worked my way up, I was in 3rd with 2 minuets left only a few seconds back from the leader, I then got taken out and shuffled back to 6th place where I would finish only seconds from the leader.

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