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FREE economy shipping on all orders over $99* US (lower 48 states)

JConcepts Upgrades for the RC8B3 and RC8B3.1.

Earlier this year, JConcepts released a quick guide to upgrading Team Associated’s newest Ebuggy platform, the RC8B3.1E. Since almost all of the JConcepts upgrade parts fit both the Ebuggy and nitro platform, we’ve decided to do a quick guide for the RC8B3.1 nitro buggy as well. Luckily for the racers, all of the JConcepts performance upgrades that exist for the RC8B3 WILL fit the newly released RC8B3.1 platform for both the nitro and electric platform.

So here’s the rundown and feel free to click on the link or the photo for more detailed information.

The JConcepts Front Nose Scoop (#0174) has been a great replacement piece for the stock nose cone to add a little more downforce to the front end of the vehicle for increased high-speed stability and performance. Don’t let the tiny footprint fool you, as this small upgrade is usually found on all the top level, pro rides such as Spencer Rivkin, Ryan Cavalieri, Davide Ongaro, and Ryan Maifield’s MBX8 (yes it fits the Mugen cars too)!


The JConcepts Aluminum Suspension Arm Caps really add a new dimension in quick tuning the front end of the RC8B3.1. By adding shims that interlock with the base of the arm caps, you can now quickly change the camber and track width in style. Adjustments can be made by .5, 1, and 2-degree shims and to complete the entire front suspension, two sets will be required per vehicle.


The JConcepts Fin Wheel Nuts are a CNC masterpiece. Precision CNC machined from billet aluminum, these light-weight beauties are largely flanged, super serrated to grip the wheels for extra security. On top of that, they’re available in beautiful blue anodizing or brilliant black for that extra sleek look.



With no updates to the shock towers, the JConcepts RC8B3 F/R towers will work on both the RC8B3.1 and RC8B3.1E. The 5mm carbon fiber front tower and 5mm carbon fiber rear tower consists of the same geometry as the stock AE pieces, but carry more aesthetics and style in a lightweight package that simply bolts on. As an original JConcepts design piece, the towers inspire performance centered around being compact, lightweight, and are reinforced with ribs for added strength. Oh and the matte finish gives the understated, unique look.


Completing the carbon fiber package, JConcepts added the final touches with the Carbon Fiber Steering Rack that also carry the same geometry as the stock rack, but with a matte finish made from 3mm genuine carbon fiber material.


One of the most overlooked pieces in the JConcepts 1/8th scale arsenal is the JConcepts RC8B3|RC8B3.1 Aluminum Servo Bracket. To ensure consistent power transfer from the servos, taking flex out of the radio tray is a must. This allows for the throttle/brake servo and steering servo extra support while pushing them to the limits. As a bonus, they also look awesome. For Ebuggy applications, you’ll only need one, but for your nitro buggy, you’ll need 2 of these bad boys.


Drop the steel buckles and throw on the JConcepts Fin Titanium Turnbuckles for a lighter, stronger option that’s a must-have in any high-level competition racing. Not only do these add strength, but their unique ‘Fin’ styling has become an industry icon found on many of the top Pro’s rides.


Perhaps the most versatile wing in the JConcepts product line, the Hybrid 1/8th With Gurney is pre-trimmed for your 8th scale buggy and truggy and comes with all the necessary hardware for installation. The molded center divider is made of durable plastic to endure hard crashes and abuse. The Hybrid Wing Kit comes with 3 gurney options and you can choose from none, medium and large gurney to adjust the amount of rear-end grip. You can also choose to run the center divider for extra stability or not run it at all to free up the rear end for extra rotation.


Let’s not forget, it’s the little things that add up in the end. Not only are they trick machined from aluminum, they add strength to such wings as the JConcepts Hybrid Wing to keep it from creasing and folding under heavy hits. The Finnisher aluminum 1/8th wing mount is a great complementary piece to lock the wing in place and look awesome at the same time. Available in blue or black anodizing, this trick little pieces can really help complete your package as well as added security.

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