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JConcepts Track Tire Guide – Spencer Rivkin’s Tire Guide from the Summer INS9

Being able to run at Hobby Action any time he wants makes Spencer Rivkin pretty dang fortunate. Hobby Action is fantastic and definitely one of the best off-road facilities in the United States. But it’s not easy running there b/c of the unique dirt and just how much you have to be on top of the tire game. From burning in your tires to using tire warmers, getting the maximum grip can be a lot of work and there’s probably no one better or more willing to put in that work than Spencer Rivkin.

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The weekend was run mostly on grounded down treaded Dirt Web fronts and Ellipse rears in Aqua compound. The treaded tires have internal ribbing and most of the team drivers felt the added carcass support made it more comfortable to drive.

Indoor tracks are sometimes tricky to get the tires just right. If you’re lucky, you mount of a set of clay compound tires and feather the tread height and you’re golden. Lately, the trend in racing is to dope up the tires and heat them as much as can to hopefully gain more grip usually means more speed. Everyone is trying to get an advantage over their competition. While all of this can net you some time on the track, the process can be quite confusing and this is where the JConcepts Track Tire Guides can really be of help and save you some time.

Below is Spencer’s Track Tire Guide to his home track, Hobby Action. The facility is lovely and the people there are wonderful, but running at Hobby Action can be very difficult. Check out the Track Tire Guide from the defending 2wd National Champion himself, Spencer Rivkin and get locked in!

Save the jpg below for your notes or if you’d like to download the PDF version, just click on the link. Thanks for stopping by and checking out the edition of Track Tire Guide!


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