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JConcepts Taking Modified Classes at ROAR Region 4 Championships @ Coral Springs


No matter what region you’re from, winning a regional title is a huge accomplishment. To be a major player in the world of RC racing, you first have to dominate your local track. The next goal is to win your home track’s biggest annual race. After that, taking a regional title is definitely on the radar and then onto the traveling show you must go where you can test your skills against higher level of competition.

The ROAR Region 4 includes Florida, the Virgin Islands, and Puerto Rico and is no joke as Florida is a definite hotbed for racing and home to many RC legends like Jason Ruona, Paul Wynn, Billy Easton, Ernest Provetti, and JR Mitch.

This year, the Regional Championship was hosted by Coral Springs R/C Car Club in Coral Springs, Florida, who did a fantastic job providing an awesome layout that was fun and had a lot of flow. Quite unique to the Florida racing scene, the red clay treated with calcium chloride provided ample grip, but the rainfall prior to the event never allowed the track to fully mature into its typical high-grip state leaving it bumpier than usual.

The JConcepts team headed by, Jason Ruona and Paul Wynn, really brought back some of those classic moments from the Winter Champ days.

Modified Truck

It’s not every day you see Paul Wynn run mod truck, but the veteran can drive just about anything these days and stays quite active on his racing. Paul would take the win in A1 and A2 to seal it up the title with Jacob Page finishing 2nd and Louren Theodore 3rd.

1. Paul Wynn
2. Jacob Page
3. Louren Theodore

2wd Modified

Showing that he still has the skills to pay the bills, Jason Ruona takes the highly coveted 2wd Modified regional title with a terrific performance in A1 and clutch run in A3 to seal the deal. AE/JConcepts’ Lee Setser would wrap up 2nd with Serpent’s Justin Fales 3rd on the box. AE/JConcepts’ Paul Wynn would finish 4th with Chris Intravia 5th overall.

1. Jason Ruona
2. Lee Setser
3. Justin Fales
4. Paul Wynn
5. Chris Intravia

4wd Modified

Once again, Jason Ruona would step up his game with a another clutch win in A3 to take his 2nd Regional title, but this time in the 4wd class. Serpent’s Justin Fales would finish 2nd with AE/JConcepts’ Lee Setser 3rd on the podium. Rounding out the top 5 was Chris Intravia bringing home 4th and Lazi Lazar 5th.

1. Jason Ruona
2. Justin Fales
3. Lee Setser
4. Chris Intravia
5. Lazi Lazar

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