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FREE economy shipping on all orders over $99* US (lower 48 states)

JConcepts Summer Indoor Nationals – Friday Practice.

Tanner was the first one up this morning. Are you kidding me? Nice work.

Ok, so I’ve run all 3 of my vehicles now and the 4wd and SCT are by far my best vehicles. My 2wd has been hit or miss today. After setup changes I didn’t improve my hero lap. Time to get serious!

The practice line lengthened today which made track time a little harder to come by. The 6 minute practice sessions were awesome and limiting to 10 cars was great but the 2wd and 4wd SCT trucks were pure havoc. I’ve decided that 4wd SCT is the next truggy class. Hopefully no 45 minute mains are in my turnmarshalling future. Going to need therapy after that. Where is Dave Soloman my truggy therapist?

The pits really started to fill up today and everyone was really into it. This is shaping up into a great race.

Amain has a couple of sales people that just take orders and bring them to the drivers while they are in the pits. I would make this the equivelent to say, pizza delivery during a sporting event. This is awesome! I want to order stuff just because it’s fun, I really don’t need anything. What’s up with that?

Zack purchased the Much More pit light today just as I predicted. That is 2 I’ve sold thus far. Amain Hobbies sales employee of the weekend?

More familar faces from southern and northern California have showed bringing back some memories from the early 90’s. There are some fast old and new school drivers here so it’ll be interesting to see how it plays out. I’m really tired of using the word school in these situations. I’m going to do some research and bring in a new word tomorrow.

As far as equipment we are using the gold and blue Bar Codes and it’s completely up in the air as what to run at a given time. Reading the track is tough but it doesn’t appear you can go wrong either way. I’ve mounted golds but as I’m writing I want to switch to blues….

I’ve heard guys compare this track to Hobby Haven in Livermore from the early 90’s. Others say it’s comparable only by them being indoors…

We are only missing the Francis brothers, JD Beckwith and Jimmy Jacobson to make this an official reunion.

Ok, that’s it for now…time to place a JC order at Amain because it’s fun to get a delivery.

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