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JConcepts SpeedLab – S2 body for the TLR 22 4.0

The trend in aero bodies isn’t new to the RC world and JConcepts has been pushing the envelope of performance since day one. This includes the advancement in rear wings, the addition of front wings, and utilizing real racing techs like gurneys and splitters. But this isn’t just a wing thing, it’s the bodies as well. Body designs have moved relatively quick as the Finnisher and Silencer bodies have evolved to bring aesthetic styling with a more performance-minded design. Improving upon the popular Finnisher and Silencer 1/10th scale bodies wasn’t easy, but the S2 and F2 have been well received since their debut and the prototype S2 body has even claimed a World title. Recently, the S2 body was made available for the TLR 22 4.0 and here in this edition of the JConcepts SpeedLab, we compare the S2 body with the stock body to find out how the two bodies differ and what to expect.

The latest iteration of the TLR 22 4.0 has been well received and the feedback on the track is that racers love the new kit. However, the body seems to have a love/hate relationship with their owners, but sometimes good looks and style will take a backs seat so long as it works well. So with that in mind, TLR/JConcepts’ JR Mitch took his 22 4.0 to Newred Hobbies for a little test session to provide real world feedback that might make sense to those who aren’t in love with the stock body and looking for an alternative.

After getting a base setup with the stock body, JR switched his pack, sauced his tires and immediately went out on the same conditions with the S2. After adjusting his timing to the S2 body, here’s the video.

This is what JR had to say about the “feel” of the 2 bodies on the track.

After running a back to back test, the S2 body took me a few laps to get the timing right as it seems to initiate and carry through the turn a little differently than the stock body. I’m not sure how to explain it, but it feels a bit more slipstream especially at higher speeds. This could be just a visual thing, but it looks like the car just flies down the straightaway. At the lower speeds and tighter turns, it felt a little more in the track than on the track. Overall the time difference didn’t improve by leaps and bounds, but I wasn’t able to get under 17.0 second lap times with the stock body. However, with my first pack testing the S2 I was able to get a 16.8. I’m sure if I put the stock body back on and ran more laps I could match the time, but I was surprised that I was able to go sub 17 seconds with my first pack with the S2.

There’s a distinct difference between the way the bodies look. For one, the cabs are very different and probably the major factor on how the car feels going around the track. The S2 and the stock 22 4.0 body both are very low and forward cab positioning. However, the S2 has a much narrower cab that changes the handling characteristics of the car.

Not only is the performance there, the styling is now a modern classic and has become a fan favorite in the looks department. Another big difference is the sides of the S2 towards the rear is long and gradual, which aids in the downforce of the car especially when the car hits higher speeds. The stock body chamfers off (near the Tekin sticker on JR’s body) that gives it the unique look. Unfortunately, it is hard to scientifically measure the aero performance of RC cars bodies and we must rely on the old fashion feel and observe lap times to measure the differences.

Another thing that JR noticed was the amount of steering input was different between the two bodies.

Another big difference between the two bodies is the amount of steering input you have to give is different. I feel like I have to turn the wheel less to get the same movement in the car. As before with the stock body, I was sawing at the wheel a bit more and with the S2, the movement is reduced…. more precise. If this is your driving style then the S2 will suit you perfectly.

Although your mileage may vary on a few factors like surface type, track layout, and driving style, the S2 body continues to perform well for the average club racers and pros. With attractive styling that fails to impress, the lap times also seem to be in its favor. Will it make you drive like Ryan Cavalieri? Probably not, but at least you can have the same body for your 22 4.0.

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