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FREE economy shipping on all orders over $99* US (lower 48 states)

JConcepts – S2 | F2 Body Mount Flange For The Yokomo YZ-2

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The #2622 designed for the JConcepts S2 and F2 body assists in maintaining the rear body height while utilizing the forward or rearward mounted shock configuration. A unique aftermarket piece which helps the body maintain proper running height after mishaps and crashes.

To add the flange piece, remove the lower button head screws which are used to secure the wing mounts. Place the flange against the rear tower and using two 3x16mm FHCS (not included) secure into the mount designed for a flat head type screw and thread into the rear wing mount boss.

About this Product:

The S2 | F2 body mount flange, designed by JConcepts is now available exclusively through Shapeways. The 3D printed part installs on the front-side of the rear shock tower and adds some peace of mind to the rear body height and helps maintain space between the body and spur gear assembly. The flange gives the JConcepts S2 or F2 body a resting place and acts as a shelf to help hold the body in position during racing.

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