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JConcepts Rubber Guide – from Frank Root


3021 - 1/10 Truck Front or Rear
3021 - 1/10 Truck Front or Rear

Do you find yourself Wondering when to run the various JConcepts tire componds?

Here is a quick article written by Frank Root, JConcepts Team Driver –

JConcepts has been making tires for a few years now, but we are growing all the time. In the past year, there have been 3 new compounds introduced, so I though I’d take a minute to share a little about each, and highlight the conditions for which each would be ideal.

Green – It is the softest of the JC compounds. It is the best for wet dirt. If is similar to M3, but will wear considerably longer. The Double Dees work great on packed surfaces with a little loam and Goosebumps really shine on the loamier tracks, even if they go a little dryer. Groovy and Rounder fronts in green work well in both conditions.

Blue – The medium-soft compound is the softest compound we have for 1/8 scales, and 2nd softest for 1/10. It works best for wet, loamy 1/8 conditions. The blue 1/10 tires are currently the Bar Codes, which work great on “Blue Groove” condition that don’t reach super high traction(little to no dust on hard packed dry dirt).

Gold – The indoor compound works great on any type of indoor dirt, but are awesome on clay. The tread does not barely wear, and has great grip. The tires also make for awesome slicks, if the track calls for it. The compound was tested and developed on tracks in the Northeast and even OCRC in CA.

Yellow – The harder of the 1/8 compounds, work great in many conditions. On any hard packed track, with loam on top or not, the yellows really hook up. You will also get great wear out of these tires because they are not sliding around with all the traction they create. The Yellow Crow Bow Combo (Crow Bar Fronts, Cross Bow Rears) in yellow is my 1/8 tires setup of choice at most tracks.

Orange – The newest compound to the JC line-up. Only for 1/10 as of now, Orange comes only the Bar Code tread. It was designed and tested for the highest traction “blue groove” conditions, like those seen at the Hot Rod Hobbies Off-Road Shootout and the Cactus Classis. They actually debuted at the Cactus Classic with Ryan Maifield winning 2wd and Truck Modified. Lee Martin, Kody Numendalh, Steven Hartson, and I all made at least one A-Main using the tires as well. They work very well, creating a bit more traction than some of the others without wearing faster.

White – The hardest of the 1/10 Compounds works great on the super high bite “blue groove” surfaces. I really prefer them on Truck and 2wd fronts, to complement Orange rears. The wear is exceptional, and it is the perfect balance of speed and ease of driving.

If anyone has questions, feel free to ask me on in the ask Frank Root forum.



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