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FREE economy shipping on all orders over $99* US (lower 48 states)

JConcepts New Releases – 2wd Buggy Lower Front Wing Options

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Aerodynamics is a key point on any vehicle and in particular, 1/10th off-road vehicles. A driver’s aero package consists of the vehicle type, body style and finally the finishing touch, the front wing. JConcepts regularly experiments with aero features throughout the entire product line, primarily bodies and wings. Front wings are not a new concept; however, they are new to the latest generation of mid-motor vehicles and demanding high-speed and grippy circuits.

JConcepts, together with their pro racing team of drivers, developed an additional high-performance, lower front wing. The lower front wing mount is specifically designed for various vehicles (including the B5, B6/B6D, 22 3.0, YZ2, XB2 and RB6.6) and is injection molded, durable and extremely light-weight. The mount places the (included) #0157 wing in a more forward position and is quite easy to trim, use and test without sacrificing all important track time. The front wing features a high-attack design with trim-able rear gurney options. A radical, edgy design which functions and compliments the Finnisher and Silencer body design includes elements and features fresh for the latest off-road conditions.

Fit | Finish –

The wing mount itself attaches with supplied hardware to the top deck on TLR, Yokomo, XRay and Kyosho vehicles while the Team Associated versions mount directly to the front shock tower. Cut lines are included for easy trimming while dimples are located on the wing itself to indicate where to mount to the JConcepts front wing mount. The leading center section of the wing has been formed into a unique V-shape to perfectly flow and maneuver around the camber links and tower or front shocks. Complete your aero package with JConcepts – World Proven Innovation and Design.

· Original JConcepts design
· Injection molded wing mount
· High-attack, V-angle wing design
· Radical, edgy design
· Light-weight and durable design
· Trim lines and dimpled location for JConcepts front wing mount

B5M lower front wing mount
Part# 2547-1
UPC Code – 845937015525
Retail price – $10.00
Map price – $8.50
(Fits – Team Associated B5M)

TLR 22 3.0 lower front wing mount
Part# 2547-2
UPC Code – 845937015532
Retail price – $10.00
Map price – $8.50
(Fits – TLR 22 3.0)

B6 | B6D lower front wing mount
Part# 2547-3
UPC Code – 845937015549
Retail price – $10.00
Map price – $8.50
(Fits – Team Associated B6 | B6D)

Yokomo YZ2 lower front wing mount
Part# 2547-4
UPC Code – 845937015563
Retail price – $10.00
Map price – $8.50
(Fits – Yokomo YZ2)

Xray XB2 lower front wing mount
Part# 2547-5
UPC Code – 845937015570
Retail price – $10.00
Map price – $8.50
(Fits – Xray XB2)

Kyosho RB6.6 lower front wing mount
Part# 2547-6
UPC Code – 845937015556
Retail price – $10.00
Map price – $8.50
(Fits – Kyosho RB6.6)

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