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Is home really “where the heart is?”

So the holidays have quickly come and like always are gone before you know it! Granted, this December – as a company – we had to deal with the JConcepts Clash, new product releases, as well as our personal stuff that is going on – like all of my friends are popping out babies… but I digress…..

I am lucky in that my family is primarily here in the Central FL area, parents, grandparents, aunts, uncles, cousins, etc. However, as we have gotten older and grown up, my brother and sister are the ones who now have these great jobs, that require them to live much further from “home” than we would all prefer. My sister is a nurse in NC and my brother is an industrial designer at XtremMac in Ft Lauderdale. XtremeMac products rock! Go Buy Some! Available at fine Apple suppliers everywhere! Ok that should cover my iPhone and iPod cases and accessories from my “sponsor” for a little while

But back to what I was saying, so now that my sister and brother live far away – and well we are all “grown up” and have homes of our own, is your parents home still “home” ? Whether it is the town I grew up in, or the town I went to college in, aka Tampa, home of the JConcepts Clash, I am so comfortable taking the back roads, giving directions based on the 7-11 on the corner. And isn’t it helpful to know where to buy coffee at? There is a Starbucks 2.3 miles south of the track at Lake Park, to me that is comforting to know.

It’s so weird, no matter where you live, or where you used to live you always want to go home.
Honestly it’s easiest for me to equate it to the fact that I want to be home in my own bed. And that can mean a lot of things… I’ve moved what feels like quite a lot in the last 10 years, 3 apartments while college in Tampa, then to places in Orlando with friends, and now my home with my future husband…..

But if its true what “they” say, that home is where the heart is, then I should still feel that my parents house, especially during the holidays, is home. My brother and sister stayed there with their families, but I just wanted to go “home” at the end of the day. Sadly it is just one of my homes in a long line. Does having my family there for a nice meal at the holidays, does that make it feel more like home? It’s true what “they” say – or at least true for me – you always sleep the best in your own bed. To me, home is where my pillow is

Cheers, Allison

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