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FREE economy shipping on all orders over $99* US (lower 48 states)

Inside Look – Traxxas Slash 4×4 Scalpel Speed Run Conversion

Back in 2012, we shocked the RC world by releasing something that wasn’t made directly for competition race cars and trucks, but in fact, it was meant for the mega-popular Traxxas Slash 4×4. The Slash 4×4 definitely has its following, but we wanted to think outside the box and develop something that was cost effective but unleashed the full potential and speed of the versatile platform. Thus, the Scalpel Speed Run Conversion was born and the Slash 4×4 was never again the same. Check these videos that really highlights what we’re talking about! Scalpel Grand Prix and 107MPH Scalpel Speed Run!

Taking the minimalist approach to the project, we really focused on making this conversion kit cost effective and all you really need is the Scalpel Speed Run body, Scalpel front bumper conversion, and the Rulux 2.8″ Wheels to mount the 2.8″ G-Lock tires to make it all happen. The rest of the conversion parts like the carbon fiber front and rear towers, aluminum body mount adapters, and aluminum shock standoffs, are definitely nice but not necessary to get the job done.

As you can see, we released a few different bodies for the JConcepts Scalpel Speed Run Conversion giving you some options based on your own personal preference. The best handling and most aero is the original Scalpel Speed Run Body hands down. But, if you want to keep the truck look of the Traxxas Slash then you can rock the official Ford licensed 1999 Ford Lightning Scalpel body as well. However, maybe your style is a bit more old school classic, a 1972 Chevy C10 Scalpel body is also available.

The original Scalpel Speed Run body is an aggressive, all-out performance body made to hit the streets, gravel, and tarmac all the same. With dramatic flared fenders and performance enhancing front chin spoiler for more steering response, the Scalpel is ready for the most insane speed runs. The sleek, low cab keeps wind drag down to a minimum allowing you to hit higher top speeds during the runoffs as everything matters.

Take off the body and you can see our Scalpel build is a basic Traxxas Slash 4×4 with a do-it-yourself RIT dyed black LCG chassis keeping it majestic and stealthy. The power delivery is provided by a Tekin RX8 and Redline motor for reliable power and smooth torque delivery, something Tekin has been long known for.

One of the pieces you definitely need is the front bumper conversion for the Traxxas Slash 4×4. This lightweight foam bumper keeps the front of the body from buckling and deforming while going fast. It helps the body keep its shape so you can properly utilize the aero gains built into the Scalpel Speed Run body. Light, durable, and replacable, this bumper gets the job done!

If you really want to add performance-enhancing parts to the Scalpel conversion build, you can grab the JConcepts 4mm CF front tower and Front Body Mount Adapter for more robust handling and body security as the adapter mount is made from machined aluminum.

To get the ultra-low ride height, limiting the shocks is a must and JConcepts makes a pretty nifty shock limiting kit for the Scalpel conversion. This allows you to limit the amount of up and down travel you have by adding spacers to inside and outside of the shock shaft. After spacing the shocks for the proper travel range, closer to that of a street car, corner speed and steering response will dramatically increase for more control.

The Shock Mount Standoffs are borrowed from the JConcepts Traxxas MT conversion kit and are machined from aluminum and anodized black for a clean look. The Scalpel Shock Limiter Set allows you to work in the proper shock range that’s more suitable for road applications. Together, it’s the little things that matter and these small parts add a ton of performance for not much money.

Moving towards the rear of the Scalpel build, we get to see nicely machined 4mm carbon fiber Rear Tower and aluminum Rear Body Mount Adapter in action. Replacing the stock plastic parts, the updated rear end will be able to hold the shocks up and allow them to perform in a consistent manner with less flex and more durability.

We also updated our Speed Run build with the JConcepts Traxxas Aluminum Front Caster Blocks, but also added the aluminum Traxxas spindle to make the steering more precise and handle heavier hits in an event of hard crashes. You never know when you’re going to take a massive tumble going plus 50 down your driveway.

The tire that makes the Speed Run possible is the JConcepts G-Locs 2.8″ Tires. Designed specifically to handle a lot of horsepower, these low profile tires were developed from the ground up for earth-shattering speed while providing maximum durability with very tech inner webbing and reinforcement. The tread is deep for longer wear and also gives the G-Locs improved traction in heavy dust.

To get the 2.8″ tire to fit, we developed a specific 2.8″ wheel to go along with the G-Locs tires. This version of the Rulux wheel directly fits the Stampede and Slash 4×4 with the proper offset to fit the Speed Run bodies. Available in black or white, the Rulux wheels carry a modern look that’s popular among the road enthusiast crowd.

As an alternative body to the Scalpel Speed Run body, JConcepts released the beautiful 1972 Chevy C10 and has been one of our best selling Scalpel body to date. Naturally infused with classic lines of the 70’s, the C10 comes from a golden age of classic cars and trucks that still looks amazing today. Whether your style is classic truck or modern street weapon, JConcepts has got your RC needs covered.

If you have a Scalpel Speed Run, post up a picture and show us what you got. Let’s see those builds!

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