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FREE economy shipping on all orders over $99* US (lower 48 states)

Inside Look: Spencer Rivkin’s Winning 13.5 4wd from the Stock Nationals

Over the years, not many racers have been able to break into the top tier PRO status, but the most recent driver to do so was Spencer Rivkin. The talented racer from Arizona first became a household name in the world of RC back in 2015 after taking his first major win on the international scene. It just so happened that race was the IFMAR World Championship.

One of the special things about Spencer is that, not only does he have the talent (as many do), he’s got unmatched motivation, self-belief, and a pure love for racing. His attention to detail is unsurpassed, as you can see with his B64D. For those who want to find glory in racing, perhaps learning a few things from Spencer can help lead you to victory lane.

It wasn’t an easy win for Spencer in the 13.5 Expert 4wd class at the 2018 JConcepts Stock Nationals, but keeping himself in the game and never giving up got him the win. Here’s a closer look at Spencer’s B64 starting with the Lightweight F2 Body for his B64. Iconic styling matched with superior handling has made the F2 bodies a fan favorite and an icon within the industry. Spencer is also rockin’ the custom purple anodized titanium Lunsford screws and the JConcepts Fin Turnbuckles for the B64 that he anodizes himself.

As you can see, the wiring is super clean and simple. Being a Reedy Factory driver, Spencer’s B64D is all decked out with Reedy electronics such as the RT1508 HV servo, Reedy 510 Blackbox ESC, new 13.5 Reedy S+Power motor, and Zapper 4800 SG battery. Spencer also is rocking the MIP Puck System for the B64D to lighten the car’s drivetrain for maximum performance.

Towards the rear of the car, the trusty S-Type Aero Wing locks down the rear, but if you look closely, the gurney has been cut and removed for less hold and more speed. Also anodized in purple is the JConcepts B6|B64 Fin Titanium shock standoffs with the conventional long standoff in the rear and short standoff in the front.

Moving to the front-end, the new JConcepts Lower Front Wing can be found providing extra downforce and stability at higher speeds enhancing steering characteristics to Spencer’s liking. This is the same front scoop that Ryan Maifield used to win the 2017 IFMAR World Championships in 4wd.

The gold Dirt Webs and Mono Wheels have been a staple for indoor clay racing over the years providing Spencer the grip needed to rip out of the turns, over the jumps, and into 1st place.

One of the hidden highlights that adds a nice touch to any race car is the recessed Dirt Ball-Stud Washer set. It’s basically 2 washers in 1 as you can flip the washers over to use the recessed area for -1mm configuration. So a 3mm washer flipped over becomes a 2mm washer and likewise with a 2mm washer. Also, larger footprint also provides the ballstud with more support for added durability, especially in critical areas like plastic hubs.

Spencer has been running the new B64 aluminum steering rack since the 2017 Worlds in China and now just recently released to the public after a lot testing to find the perfect geometry and adjustability.

From the top view of the wing, it has some small cutouts in the wing to clear the screw heads from catching on the wing and getting stuck in an undesirable position. Here’s another great view of the Titanium Fin Shock Standoffs. The other bonus about the standoffs are the machined Delrin bushings, which are replaceable and sold separately to keep things nice and tight.

Another view of the Reedy 4800 Zapper SG and the new 13.5 Reedy S+Plus power that resulted in a 1st place at the 2018 JConcepts Stock Nationals in Expert 13.5 4wd. For those who are curious, Spencer was geared 81/24 fitted with a center gear diff, 13AWG wires, and WTF fan mounted behind the motor for extra cooling.

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