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Inside Look – Spencer Rivkin’s Nationals Winning 2wd

Coming off one of his best race weekends to date, Spencer Rivkin just completed one of his biggest goals of the year and that was to defend his 2wd National title that he earned last year at Hobby Action. Many might say he only won because it’s his home track, but with an ass-kicking performance like last weekend…. definitely proves that theory completely wrong.

Let’s be honest. The ROAR Nationals is usually dominated by just a select few and to get your name on that list, you have to beat them straight up and out skill them. But to even have a chance, you have to have the equipment that’s capable of winning. Your car, your gear all has to have the winning pace or you really don’t stand a chance.

It was an absolutely amazing A3 that Spencer delivered that locked up the overall in 2wd Modified. His 2wd was dialed!! Spencer is quite open to using the different 2wd bodies that JConcepts offers. From P2, P2K, F2, and S2, Spencer has run them all, but the one that seems to make it back on his 2wd is the amazing F2. It wins races. Period!

For this Nationals, Spencer toned it down a little and decided not to rock the purple anodized screws and turnbuckles and elected to go with a more classic look. The JConcepts Fin Titanium Turnbuckles always look good in its natural color and matches well with the Lunsford ti-screw kit. Another option part that seems to always make the build is the JConcepts Aluminum Servo Mount Bracket. Not only does it add bling, but it has security set screws on the side to prevent the servo from shifting during hard impacts and crashes.

SR’s servo of choice is the Savox 1258TG Black Edition. It’s the full-size servo and notice the added brass weight behind the servo? It’s the 15g weight off of his RC8B3.1.

It seems that battery hold down solutions is all the rage right now, but Spencer is using the factory stock battery holder and you know what…. it’s looks good. As a Hobbywing driver, Spencer is using the recently released XR10 Pro G2 ESC paired up with the V10 G3 7.5T motor with a 7 x 12.5mm rotor setup.

Perhaps just because it’s available in black, Spencer is using the JConcepts Laydown Motor Plate to perfectly match his Hobbywing V10 G3 7.5 motor. It’s the little things that make a big difference in the end.

Looking at the front end of Spencer’s car, it resembles your typical modern 2wd with gullwing front arms and lower front tower. Some drivers used the upper shock tower-mounted wings last weekend, but it seems to be a personal preference thing. It isn’t the first of it’s kind, but it is the one that started it all and it’s still going strong, the JConcepts Aero Front Wing.

Since the debut of the Ellipse, it’s come out like a bat of out hell winning a ton of indoor races all over the world. However, the true test is at the highest level of competition and at both the 2019 Fuel Nats and Electric 1/10th Nats, the Ellipse has won every Pro class including Pro Ebuggy, Pro Nitro Buggy, Pro Nitro Truggy, 2wd Modified, and 4wd Modified.

At the 1/1oth Offroad Nationals, we debuted the Ellipse front tire for both 2wd and 4wd, but they quickly became a slick tire. Luckily for us, they still performed exceptionally well. The rear tires were also the Ellipse tires and the compound is silver, which is a little softer than gold, worked extremely well at EN Hobbies. Look for this compound to be released in the coming months. Lastly, of course, the JConcepts Mono wheels also make the National winning accessories and practically standard issue for the entire team.

At the rear of Spencer 2wd, the JConcepts Aluminum Rear Ballstud Mount makes an appearance on Spencer’s 2wd and looks great in black with the silver trim. The factory AE C and D mounts make the cut and notice there’s no weight added to the rear of the car to keep it light, fast, and nimble.

One interesting note is that Spencer kept almost a full gurney on this rear Aero S-Type rear wing while others cut off the entire flap.

One of the most talked-about setup changes over the weekend was the use of the B74 arms on the 2wd. We’ve seen this in the past with B64 arms but this was the first time for Spencer to use the newer 4wd rear arms. Visually, the car looked smoother around the Nats track and obviously, was fast enough to win back to back 2wd titles.

Car, driver, team, luck, it all has to come together in order to win a National title and Spencer was on point and we’re sure he’s not finished yet. How many more can he win in 2wd? We’ll find out in the years to come won’t we.

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