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FREE economy shipping on all orders over $99* US (lower 48 states)

Inside Look – Cav’s Winning 2wd from the JConcepts Spring INS!

Alright, after adding up the total likes from all the shares from the Inside Look of Cav’s 4wd, the total was well over 500! Thanks to everyone that for the likes, shares, and comments as it motivates us to do more for you!

At these bigger events, it’s always a great opportunity to see what’s going on with the pro’s cars as they are at the cutting edge of car trends and setups. Since it’s their job to get results, they’re always testing new products with hopes to get more speed and a competitive edge over their competition.

As for Aero, one of the most notable changes to Cavalieri’s B6 car is that Cav is now choosing to run the JConcepts F2 body over the S2. With the choice to run either, he’s electing to go with the F2 stylish looks and likes the feel of it on the track along with 2nd place finisher, World Champ Spencer Rivkin. To complete the aero package, Cav chose the B6 front wing that mounts to the tower and the Aero S-Type rear wing with prototype mid-section for added high-speed stability. TRICK!!

In the past, Cav usually runs a pretty standard car straight from Team Associated, but lately, he’s running the JConcepts hop-up options like the B6 Servo Mount Bracket to help increase support and consistency. You can also find many other of JConcepts’ goodness like the Honeycomb Gear Shield/Motor mount along with the Dirt Aluminum Shim kit, Fin titanium turnbuckles, aluminum rear ball stud mount, and CF battery brace. Lastly, doesn’t the Lunsford Ti-Screw kit look awesome??

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