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Hot Rod Shootout – Final Results

JConcepts Dominates The 15th Annual Hot Rod Hobbies Off-Road Shootout

Event: Off-Road Shootout
Date: July 20-22, 2012
Track: Hot Rod Hobbies – Saugus, CA

Main Highlight Video

The 2012 Hot Rod Hobbies Shootout is in the books, with 306 entries and a big dose of warm Southern California air. Over the course of practice days, qualifying and on to the main events, the JConcepts team had a strong showing from start to finish. From the first laps on the track, JConcepts owned the SCT classes of Pro2 and Pro4. With the combination of Bar Codes in Pro2, Pressure Points in Pro4, the driving of Ryan Maifield and Jörn Neumann, each were untouchable.

In Pro 2 SCT, Ryan set the early TQ using Orange Compound Bar Codes on all corners to seal the deal for the P1 grid spot. After winning A1 on the same set up, the heat of the day required a change for A2, Ryan switched to Orange Compound Double Dees in the front, Bar Code rears and pointed the front end of his JC equipped SC10 to the finish line to claim the first overall Championship of the event. Dustin Evans finishing in second with the brand new 22-SCT started the weekend on Pressure Points and switched to Bar Codes. Joining in the main were JC drivers Frank Root, Tanner Denney, Billy Fischer, and Eric Albano.

In Pro 4, it was a one man show. Germany’s Jörn Neumann put his Durango into missile mode, and never looked back. Running a full set of Orange Pressure Points all weekend long. There was no doubt who the faster truck was. JConcepts class win number two, check.

In 4wd Mod Buggy, JConcepts drivers Jörn Neumann, and Ryan Maifield battled it out for the TQ in the class, giving the nod to Jörn. In A1, the two drivers checked out on the field with a mistake by Jörn near the half way point and Maifield was gone with the win. In A2, Jörn lead all but a few laps, with Ryan taking the point, only to give it back. At the end of the 6 minute race, Jörn held on, with the points tied at a win and a second for both drivers. A3 would be the deciding race to claim the top step. On the first lap Neumann stuffed it into the pipe on a 180 and fell to the back, Ryan put down the laps to take the win and his second class Championship of the day.

Mod Truck had JConcepts driver Dustin Evans in the P1, with his Losi 22T. Steven Hartson was 3rd on the grid, with his Bar Code equipped T4. A1 had Dustin leading, until a mistake on the last lap dropped him back, with Hartson in third. A2 the top of the order would shuffle again, with Hartson getting 2nd, and Evans settling for 3rd. Again, waiting on A3 to determine the winner, Steven Hartson put himself into position to win the class by winning the last final, only to lose the tie breaker by a combined time one tenth of a second slower. Giving the win to Tebo, Steven second, and Evans third.

In 2wd Mod Buggy with Ryan Maifield setting the pace on Friday and Steven Hartson taking over on Saturday. Sundays main event would go with Hartson in P1 and Maifield in P2. At the tone, Steven lead wire to wire, as a battle behind scrambled the positions. In A2, riding his wave of consistency, Hartson again with a flawless run, also with constant pressure from Maifield for the entire event to claim the victory. Bar Codes in Orange compound were the tire of choice, as the two JC equipped cars gapped the field.
Maifield, not to give up, still making adjustments to his car, went out in A3 to blister the already hot surface, with the only 20 lap run of the weekend, to solidify his 2nd position.

A great weekend with an amazing, fun, flowing track. Jimmy, Nick, the entire HRH crew, and all of the racers made this a race to remember.

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