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FREE economy shipping on all orders over $99* US (lower 48 states)

Hobby Haven Raceway – Hotel Occomodations and Rob Michael Sighting

We pulled up to the hotel perfectly. The directions that Allison printed and with Zach’s navigation skills we were unstoppable.

We quickly found all our shipped in items and we setup the room and we were off to find the track.  Hobby Haven is only about 6 minutes away and we found the track with ease.

We were greeting by many friendly drivers and the hobby shop staff.  They offered us a few laps with a slash which we obviously took them up on right away.

Can’t have enough rental rides.  They have an over under jump at the end of the straight away which was a challenge to jump with the Slash. I tried everything to get over this jump including using the drivers stand as a berm.  Nothing!  I couldn’t make the jump.  I think with Goose Bumps and 7 cells or an 85c Lipo I could make it.

After I crashed I gave Zach the radio and it looked like he was trying to tighten up on my lines and get faster.   Secretly I wanted him to crash so I would get the radio back.  He was at the helm for quite some time but eventually gave it back up.

A lot of JC product in the hobby shop and things looked well organized.  They told me they have probably sold 250 slashes out of that store and the SC10 is moving right along as well.  Got to hand it to Traxxas, they took a rustler and bandit and turned it into the next big thing.

I picked up some motor spray and a P3 glow plug and we headed back to the hotel.

We started wrenching and Zach rebuilt his truck and I rebuilt my front diff in my 4wd.  It was also the opportunity to see my front gears after the Super Cup because I thought I could hear them going out.  Everybody said to me, no yours were good it was Sherwin’s everyone could hear.  Well, I guessed correct mine were going too.  It’s fixed now and ready to rock for tomorrow.  Dialed!

I brought my used tires from the Super Cup races so we are set for practice tomorrow.  

We decided to hit Macaroni Grill for dinner and some salad.  Our server looked just like Robbie from Superior Hobbies.  Pretty cool check the photo.

Time to get some sleep and get ready for practice tomorrow.

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