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Friday5 With Team Driver Matthew “Glitch” Gonzales

In this week’s edition of the JConcepts Friday5 we talk to West Coast racer Matthew “Glitch” Gonzales about how he got started in RC, his favorite race class & more!
1. When and how did you get started in RC?
My dad used to club race down at discount hobby warehouse, and the track on base (any old school San Diego guy should know that track) we used to go to the park and just drive around when I was 5, when I turned 10 I wanted to start driving again, so we went to the hobby shop and the guy working told us SDRC had just opened up, and at that point I was hooked.
2. What is your favorite class to race and why?
Honestly, anything 2wd buggy, mod or stock
3. Name a RC class that you would like to see increase in popularity and why? 
I used to love seeing stadium trucks, but I believe with the transition to mid motor platforms it has made them obsolete on a club level.
4. Hypotheical question. The COVID-19 virus has gotten bad enough you are now isolated to an island all by yourself. What RC vehicle or tool/item are you taking with you and why?
Haha, not like this is already happening but, hopefully this island has a Home Depot so I can make a makeshift carpet track for my YZ2CAL3, and some JConcepts Nessi and Swaggers so I can get some wheel time in lol.
5. You are obviously highly skilled when it comes to RC cars, but what is one skill or hidden talent that folks might be surprised to find out about you?
Other then being decent at toy cars, little back story on my “nickname” if most of you don’t alread know, the story behind my nickname “Glitch” is due to the fact that I have a speech impediment, and I rock it! So if you ever see me at the track, and my heads shaking up, I’m not having a heart attack, or about to have a Seizure, I’m just trying to get my words out, just someone’s on the same channel as me sometimes
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