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FREE economy shipping on all orders over $99* US (lower 48 states)

First Report from ROAR Fuel Nationals

We picked Jon up from the airport Monday night as he was just returning from the Hot Rod Shootout.  No time to rest as Jon and I are heading out the next day (Tuesday) for the fuel nationals in Joliet, Illinois.  The word is the race is sitting at around 370 entries.  Wow!  Just 2

Southwest flght from Orlando to Chicago midway went well.  Slightly bumpy air but we managed to smooth it out with a few suspension adjustments. :). Nabisco (handout) crackers were awesome. I’m going to
need some of those at home.

We picked up our Pontiac Vibe at the airport and headed out to Joliet.  51 minute drive according to my phone and printout.

We arrived at our 1980’s version Holiday Inn at around 3 or 4.  Wow, I bet it cold here in the winter.  Even in the summer you can just tell it must be quite chilly here in those months.

The good news is the weather looks really nice looking forward to the race days.  It might actually be a little chilly. Sweatshirt time?

We spent the evening talking with Maifield and other JC drivers about what to expect for tomorrow and what “we are going to start out on”.   We use “we” a lot at the nitro races because it is a full effort from a crew at this point.  It’s not just the driver and vehicle there is an entire support structure around almost all the drivers at this level.  Expect to hear a lot of “we” in the reports from this week.

We are going to start off on what Maifield ran at the warm-up. Crowbars  in yellow compound all the way around in buggy and yellow Cross Hairs in truck all the way around.  We are going to let Mans shake it down in the morning.

More coming soon.

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