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Extreme Carpet Initiative

JR Mitch, Blake Boggs, and Caleb Stevens win at the Extreme Carpet Initiative with JConcepts.

The Extreme Carpet Initiative was held at Extreme RC raceway in Spring Hill, TN. The awesome carpet track is setup a couple of times each month for racers all over the area to have a place to race. Not changing up the layout and going with a previous layout configuration we saw a mix of singles, doubles, corner jumps and a wall ride as jumps/obstacles for this year’s event. We also saw different carpet areas as the main basketball court would be covered in a gray indoor/outdoor carpet with the jumps and the landing after the jumps in different type of carpet mainly to help from damaging the basketball court underneath the race track from hard landings.


2wd Mod class

Round one we saw AE/JConcepts driver Blake Boggs take TQ overall. After a rough round one of qualifying, TLR/JConcepts driver JR Mitch rebounded in round two to lay down the fastest run of the weekend with his TLR 22 3.0 equipped with JConcepts to take the overall lead into the mains. The main saw the top two drivers, (JR and Blake), do battle from the sound of the tone not just between each other, but with lap traffic also. JR was able to get a comfortable lead after a small mistake by Blake, but then by lap four, JR got caught up with lap traffic giving the lead to Blake. JR tried to mount a comeback by turning some of the fastest laps of the weekend, but all is for not as JR got into it with anther lapper and he made a costly mistake, which allowed Blake to take the overall win for 2wd mod. Both drivers were running JConcepts’ soon to be released Swagger (front tire) and Pin Downs (rear tire) to complete the JConcepts 1 & 2 in this class.

4wd Mod class

Qualifying was dominated by AE/JConcepts driver Blake Boggs taking TQ in Rounds one and two, and TLR/JConcepts driver JR Mitch in the second spot and Schumacher/JConcepts driver, Caleb Stevens in third. The main event saw Blake leading lap one, but dotting out on the S turn after the straightaway which gave the lead to JR. Some blistering laps by Blake after the crash, and kind of the same situation with JR in the 2wd main ended up with JR taking the win and Blake in second. Both drivers were running JConcepts’ new Pin Downs (front and rear tires) to complete the JConcepts 1 & 2 in this class also.

2wd 17.5 Vintage
This class was dominated from start to finish by Schumacher/JConcepts driver, Caleb Stevens. He would take his RC10 B2 equipped with JConcepts Swagger (front tire) and Pin Downs (rear tire) to a TQ and Win in the very popular class at this event.

Thanks goes to the whole Extreme RC Raceway crew, Matthew Stevens, and all of the 120 racers who made this a great event. We can’t wait for the next one!

Race Reporter: JR Mitch

JConcepts is proud to support the 2016 Carpet Initiative held in Spring Hill, Tennessee. With JConcepts representatives on-hand and a fresh layout, the turnout should be spectacular.

Posted by JConcepts Inc on Saturday, March 19, 2016

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