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FREE economy shipping on all orders over $99* US (lower 48 states)

Early Spring Off-road Champs

Race Reporter: Ben Ellis

Located in southern Indiana, P&T Hobbies and Raceway hosted the “Early Spring Off road Champs” over the weekend of February 23rd. Being in business for well over 25 years, P&T Hobbies and Raceway is one of the longest running tracks in the state and in the region. P&T being where I got my start in R/C, it’s always special to get to come back to where it all began and help out those who so generously helped me as a young kid.

The one day trophy race brought in over 90 entries from across the tri-state area. With limited practice, I had to adapt to the track quickly and make setup changes as quickly as possible. Luckily, by the time racing started I felt very comfortable with where I had landed with setup and tire selection for my B4.2 and T4.2 in the mod buggy and mod truck classes. The first round of qualifying proved to be a bit hectic trying to put in a clean run on such a tight track with close competition battling back and forth.

Making a few minor adjustments, the second and third rounds went much better in mod buggy as I was able to set then reset the TQ in the class by over 11 seconds. Dealing with some mechanical issues, mainly the mechanic, I struggled to get a quality run in the mod truck class, putting myself 2nd on the grid for the main event. During the break before the main event I was able to iron out all of my “mechanic” issues and make some needed setup adjustments to get the most out of my T4.2 for the main event.

Feeling very comfortable with my B4.2 on gold Bar Codes, I was able to get out to a quick lead in the main event and ended up lapping the field to take home the win in the mod buggy class. The quick changes to my T4.2 in practice paid off as my gold Bar Codes were dialed in for the main event helping me get out to another early lead that helped me lap the field to take home another win.

Big thanks to the P&T Hobbies staff for hosting a great event! Also big thanks go out to my sponsors Team Associated, Reedy, JConcepts, LRP, Spektrum, and 92Zero Designs for their continued support!

JConcepts Winning Products:

0212 – Illuzion – B4.1 +8mm Finnisher Worlds body
0235 – Illuzion – T4.1 – Finnisher body
3017 – Bar Codes
3033 – Bar Codes V2
3021 – Bar Codes
3347 – Mono – B4.1 | RB5 – 12mm hex
3348 – Mono – B4.1 | B44.1 | RB5 – 12mm hex
3354 – Mono – T4.1 – 12mm hex F&R wheel
2075 – 8/32″ locking wheel nut (blue)
2160 – Batt hold down
3206-3 – Profiled – 1/10th buggy rear insert – medium / round
3205-1 – Profiled – 1/10th truck insert -medium – 2 pc
3204-1 – Profiled – 1/10th 2wd front insert – Firm – 2pc

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