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Dustin Richard's Race report from the JConcepts Clash

mini-IMG_2627Race Report from the J-Concepts Clash


by Lake park and the Hurricane RC Crew in Lutz, Florida

Let’s see it’s snowing in Ohio and 25 degrees with 40 mile winds. Solution…Head 1,200 miles south to beautiful Lutz Florida and the beautiful and historic Lake Park Raceway hosted by the Hurricane RC Crew.

I left Ohio at 8PM on Wednesday and drove 16 hours through the night. Since it was raining when I arrived I knew there was no practicing so I headed to my hotel to get checked in. I then headed to the track and it was about 1PM on Thursday. With a steady all day rain I took shelter under the covered pits and decided to finish

mounting up some J-Concepts tires for the event. I also did a little wrenching doing the last of the little things to prepare for a big race. My cars were still in great shape from the week before being in Wisconsin for the OffRoad Champs. However, Gold to Orange Bar Codes can be a big change. As many of us wrenched and waited it soon became apparent that there would be no Thursday practice. At about 5PM many of us still at the track decided to head to dinner. It was nice to head to a restaurant and just hang out with the racers. Most big races the routine is to grab some food and head back to the hotel to glue tires, build shocks, ect.

So Friday AM came and the hotel was a bustle with racers checking the forecast and cramming their RC stuff into a rental car that is three sizes too small. The park opened at 8AM with many of the racers arriving promptly. We entered the facility to find the track crew hard at work. They did an amazing job taking the track that was underwater 12 hours before, and manicuring it to a world class level. Practice started and each group (electric and nitro) got 2 half hour sessions. These sessions were run in 5 minute intervals. With such little practice it was important to make the most out of what you got. After practice there were 2 rounds of qualifying.

On Saturday there were 2 rounds of qualifying that I was pretty happy with.

Sunday when the mains rolled around I was starting 5th on the grid in 4wd Mod and 9th on the grid in 2wd Mod A Main. When the dust had settled I was did not gain anything and did not lose anything and finished 5th in 4wd and 9th in 2wd

All and all it was a great race. I mean Florida in December… what could be better. With even more pro’s attending this race I think the event will continue to gain momentum and be even bigger next year.

I would like to thank the following people for their help. Without them my success would not come as easy.

J-Concepts: The DD’s and Bar Codes were great all weekend
Speed Passion: Great power that allowed me to dial in just the right amount for the changing conditionsAirtronics: Radio, servos, and relievers worked great and looked excellent while doing it
BC1 Graphics: While running at the front or back they keep your stuff looking like the pro’s. Check em out for excellent products
Luke Richards: Right there helping all weekend
JP Richards: Whenever I need to bounce an idea off him or need some work wrenching done he is there to help

LukeDawg Photography:  Best RC photography in the biz

Look for Richards 2009: A Year In Review coming soon.

See you at the races,


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