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FREE economy shipping on all orders over $99* US (lower 48 states)

Dirt Racing Products New Release – Shock Tower Hole Plugs

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No one likes adjustments more than Brian “Dirt” Kinwald however; unused shock tower holes often get cramped with dirt, annoying any racer. Kinwald’s latest fix is to fill these unused holes by simply pulling rubber plugs through the holes to help eliminate the problem. The Dirt Racing Product features 10 pieces of the nifty plugs in each package which are black in color and blend in with surrounding items.

To use, slide the plug into the hole starting from the smaller diameter end. Pull until the end is flush with shock tower surface and carefully using a hobby knife, cut off the plug flush on the other side. Each plug fills approximately 2-3 holes so a package of 10 can easily outfit several vehicles in a racers’ arsenal.


· Nifty idea
· Stealth looking, black in color
· Rubber material stays intact
· 10pc package outfits several vehicles

Dirt Racing Products – shock tower hole plugs – 10pc (black)
Part# 8112
UPC Code – 845937015051
Retail price – $8.00
(Fits – B5M, TLR 22 and more)

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