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Canadian Off-road Championships

Scott Brown, John Walentia and Matt Olson dominate the Canadian Off-road Championships with JConcepts.

Event: Canadian Off-road Championships
Dates: July 26-28, 2013
Track: Sutton Aviation RC Speedway – Ottawa, Canada
Report By: Matt Olson

Known throughout the masses as the “Tent Race,” this years Canadian Offroad Champs went off without a hitch and the JConcepts team was in full force! Three JConcepts drivers comprised of AE driver Scott Brown, AE driver John Walentia, and MIP driver Matt Olson TQ’d every class! The classes included Mod 2wd buggy & 2wd Mod SCT (Scott Brown), Mod 2wd racing truck & Mod 4×4 buggy (John Walentia), 4×4 SCT & 1/8 eBuggy (Matt Olson).

Going into the Canadian Triple as JConcepts drivers packed the pole positions. Each JC TQ driver won their first A-main and the went on to win 3 out of 6 of the second A-main events after having to start in reverse order to make things interesting for the crowd. For the third A- Main, John Walentia and Matt Olson locked up 2wd Mod truck and 4×4 SCT making it a nice and clean 5 out of 6 classes locked down for the JConcepts team!

Thank you so much to JConcepts for supporting me with the highest quality racing tires, wheels, bodies, and wings to give me that extra edge on the competition. With a TQ/win with my MIP Pro4mance 4×4 sc, TQ/3rd with my 1/8 Light MIP Pro4mance, and a 2nd in 2wd mod SC with my AE SC10, it was nothing but a successful weekend for JConcepts, MIP, and myself! Also a big thanks to MIP, Billy of Sutton Aviation, Scott Brown, and John Walentia for all the help in Canada for without them I wouldn’t have been able to make the race. Thank you again JConcepts for all the help and continued support!

Great Job Team JConcepts and we are looking forward to a repeat in 2014 for the Fourth Annual Canadian Offroad Champs held at Sutton Aviation in Ottawa, Canada.

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