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Cactus Classic, more updates…

March 17th, woo hoo! I met Allison on March 17 in 2002 in Savannah, GA with my good friends Jeff and J present. That was a good night and makes St. Patricks day special. Beads for throw down?

Things are going quite well at Cactus right now. It’s actually pretty warm outside and the track is really nice. I threw down the SC10 for a few laps today for some tire testing. I actually did pretty well out there but after I got passed by the 2wd and 4wd mod guys, I wanted my other vehicles from home.

Stood in line with good friends today and talked racing. Ketil Peterson from Norway, Pavidis and Hodapp, everyone is very competitive trying to get faster. I reflected with Greg on our speed 10 years ago vs. now and we both agreed given the proper time and focus it’s still possible to put in good runs.

The track layout is very fun and no whoops section. ~yeh~ Of course it will be a challenge once qualifying begins as usual. An interesting decision made today was to make jumping the quad jump illegal. Double Double it is for everyone now. Very interesting that they would actually agree to disallow doing a jump that may determine the results. I can’t decide if that is a good or bad decision. Personally I would like to see the hero drivers jump it as a spectator however I wouldn’t want to do it as a driver.

Back at the hotel with Lee Martin and Tony Truman having a few beers talking racing once again. We just can’t get enough around here.

Bar Codes in orange compound were dialed today along with the prototype DD short course tires. More photos and stories coming tomorrow.


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