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FREE economy shipping on all orders over $99* US (lower 48 states)

Buggy Worlds Day 1

day1_driversstand.jpgIn case you missed my blog,, Jason and Paul left on Saturday for the trip to NC. Luckily not a bad journey from Sunny FL. We are just hoping there will not be any rain, as we Floridians, or East Coasters know – it is Hurricane Season.

So far so good. I won’t go in to too much detail now as I am posting this second hand but from very reliable sources…. and I know you are finding your own data sources. I saw over 1500 people signed on to LiveRC at 5 pm today and it was only Day 1, of practice.

I’ll let the results speak from themselves.

rdd1ifmar.jpg Both Maifield, #3,  and Vega, #4, are running JC tires.

With JConcepts you will find photos that no one else has. and tires that no one else has ? Yes, that is true too.


Check back daily for updates and photos.




JConcepts blog writers will be at the track personally this weekend, for scorching up to  the minute updates, but for now here are some photos to tide you over.

Is Seven your lucky number ?

~ Allison

day1_pits.jpg day1_ruonacar.jpg day1_ruonacar_doublecross.jpg


day1_tent_trailer.jpg day1_tent_trailer21.jpg

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