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8th Annual Christmas Classic

Event: 2012 8th Annual Christmas Classic
Date: December 21-22
Track: Bumps & Jumps RC Speedway

Race Reporter: Mike Gay

Bumps & Jumps RC Speedway held their 8th Annual Christmas Classic this past weekend, attended by JConcepts drivers Max Flurer, Mike Gay, Brian Roeder, and Kyle Hollinger. An all day open practice session was held on Friday, with racing commencing Saturday morning using 3 rounds of rocket-round style qualifying, as well as extended 10-minute A mains. There were a total of 140 entries split between 2wd mod buggy, 4wd mod buggy, 2wd mod SCT, 4×4 SCT, and spec SCT. The track is extremely smooth clay where JConcepts gold compound is always the tire of choice. The layout chosen for this race was very high speed and pretty wide open compared to previous layouts, but a technical stretch of timing jumps in the center of the track could make or break your run.

The event was attended by the top drivers throughout Region 2, which made the qualifying rounds extremely tight all the way through the field in every class. The track continued to get faster as the day went on, with Max Flurer showing the most speed and consistency, allowing him to TQ 2wd mod buggy, 4wd mod buggy, and 2wd mod SCT. I was able to qualify 3rd in 2wd mod buggy, with the top 4 drivers in this class separated by less than 2 seconds. It was also my first time driving the new B44.2, and the car felt instantly hooked, allowing me qualified right behind Max in the 4wd mod buggy A main. New JC teammates Brian Roeder and Kyle Hollinger battled it in the B main of 2wd mod buggy to earn a bump up spot to the A main, with Roeder just edging out Kyle for the last spot in the A. Brian also put his 4wd buggy 5th on the grid in the A, and Kyle sat 3rd in the 2wd SCT A and 8th in the 4wd mod buggy A.

The first A main to be run was 4wd mod buggy. Max led the first few minutes while I followed 1-2 seconds right behind, knowing we had to pace ourselves for the 10 minute race. Max got caught on a pipe heading into one of the slower sections of the track at the 3:00 minute mark, allowing me move into 1st. I was able to set the pace for the rest of the main and take down the win, with Max able to hang onto 3rd after losing a CVA pain with 2 laps to go. Hollinger took down 6th with Roeder finishing in 7th.

Following the 4wd buggy main was the 2wd mod SCT A main. Max went into this race having dominated qualifying all day. The 10 minute main proved no different, as Max’s FT SC10 convincingly converted his TQ to a win, with Kyle Hollinger finishing 2nd on the podium.

2wd mod buggy was the competitive class of the weekend. As the main started, Max started pulling away hard to distance himself from the field, while I was battling to get to the front with the 2-5 position cars. Unfortunately halfway through the race, I popped a ball cup which cost me too much time to let me challenge the front runners, but I still managed 5th overall. Meanwhile, Max was battling for the top spot during the whole race with local favorite Alex Miller. After an exciting last couple minutes, Alex was able to hold off hard charges from Max, winning the 2wd main on JConcepts gold Bar Codes. Max would finish 2nd, and Brian Roeder finished 6th after earning the bump-up spot on the grid.

Gold Bar Codes and Bro Codes were the tire of choice in the top 5 in each class, with 90% of the entries opting for JConcepts rubber.

JConcepts Products Used:

2158 B4.1, T4.1, SC10 Aluminum Steering Bell-cranks
0212 B4.1 +8mm Finnisher Worlds Body
0248 B44.2 Finnisher Body
0222 Hi-Flow SCT Body
0122 Hi-Clearance 6.5” Wing
2098 & 2100 Silent Speed Machined Spur Gears
2167 8/32” Thin Pattern Locking Wheel Nuts
2075 8/32” Locking Wheel Nuts
3016-05 1/10 Buggy Rear Gold Bar Codes
3017-05 2wd Buggy Front Gold Bar Codes
3020-05 4wd Buggy Front Gold Bar Codes
3066-05 1/10 Buggy Rear Gold Bro Codes
3044-05 Short Course Truck Gold Bar Codes
3206-2 Profiled Medium 1/10 Buggy Rear Insert
3206-3 Profiled Medium Round 1/10 Buggy Rear Insert
3217-1 Profiled Firm Short Course Insert
3347 Mono B4.1 12mm Hex Front Wheels
3348 Mono 1/10 Buggy Rear 12mm Hex Wheels
3349 Mono B44.1/2 Front Wheels

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