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FREE economy shipping on all orders over $99* US (lower 48 states)

2019 Product Rewind – The Latest and Greatest!!

We’re always working hard at JConcepts to bring you the latest and greatest and trust us, it isn’t easy. As a company whose background comes directly from racing, we also strive to bring you the best products from all categories making your RC experience the best it can be. In this edition of Product Release Rewind, we have a long list of awesome products from the 2019 apparel collection, hot new Ellipse tires, and killer bodies covering the hottest offroad cars to new storage solutions.

JConcepts New Release – 1993 Ford F-250 Traxxas Stampede Body

For the ninth generation, the body-shell of the 1993 F-Series was given another major upgrade and now a direct fit for the Traxxas Stampede. To further improve its aerodynamics, the forward bodywork was given a slightly lower hood line and a rounding of the front fenders and grille. The “Blue Oval,” a trademark of all Ford pickups, makes a striking appearance centered in the grille. Stout fender flares are carved ever so carefully into the panels while openings allow for a vast assortment of tires on the market. The F-250 single-cab look is strong and is a careful reminder of a time when passengers sat side-by-side during a typical outing.


JConcepts New Release – Team Associated T6.1 and SC6.1 Precut Chassis Sheet

With 2 pieces included per package, the durable and resilient material fits each chassis layout like a glove and adds protection and style in one easy package. Style, protection and performance, that’s JConcepts.

1. Clean Chassis
2. Peel Decal
3. Align on Chassis
4. Apply

JConcepts – T6.1, precut chassis protective sheet – striker design
Part# 2417
UPC Code – 845937020109
Retail price – $20.00
Map price – $17.00
(Fits – Team Associated T6.1)

JConcepts – SC6.1, precut chassis protective sheet – striker design
Part# 2418
UPC Code – 845937020116
Retail price – $20.00
Map price – $17.00
(Fits – Team Associated SC6.1)


JConcepts New Release – 1993 Ford F-150 Rustler VXL Body

On the race track, the stadium truck class was the most emerging class in racing, ROAR held a separate truck nationals from the buggy events to accommodate the large number of entries. In honor of the golden age of stadium truck racing, JConcepts unveils a 1993 Ford F-150 stadium truck body for the Traxxas Rustler. The Rustler hopeful has never quite seen a body like this for their vehicle and JConcepts has taken on a passion project to deliver a body to a community thirsty for a fresh lid.


JConcepts New Release – 2.2″ Ellipse Rear Tire, 1/8th Ellipse Truggy, and 1/8th Ellipse Buggy Tires

The Ellipse, named after the center bar built into the tread, is a compliment to successful tires such as the Dirt Webs and Space Bars. The “Web” style tire was built to compete on smooth high-grip indoor and outdoor surfaces which require a finely detailed connected bar pattern. The center section of the tire is a home run utilizing a diamond “home plate” footprint to provide massive forward bite and increased longevity. The web of extensions are unique and have a directional touch giving the racer the ultimate tune-ability.

More info on the 2.2″ 1/10th Ellipse tire, click here.

Click here for the 1/8th Buggy Ellipse tires and here for the 1/8th Truggy Ellipse tires.


JConcepts New Release – RED Parts Tray

Performance in the pits is just as important as it is on the track. The JConcepts parts tray provides a great platform for organization with its detailed design, divided pockets and steady base weight. The tray is precision molded in a rubber material that is cleanable and lasts long time.

JConcepts parts tray, rubber material – red
Part# 2550-7
UPC Code – 845937019301
Retail price – $16.00
Map price – $13.60
(Fits – miscellaneous RC parts)



JConcepts New Release – Satellite Tire Rubber Bands Available in Black and Blue!

JConcepts has reinvented the tire mounting rubber band. A uniquely molded design, specifically developed for tire mounting, the rubber band is produced in a high-elasticity material capable of stretching to a full assortment of different sized tires. Finely detailed array of handles are designed to ergonomically conform to your fingers so the user can deftly adjust the rubber band to the sidewall of each tire to apply the pressure where it is needed. The Satellite rubber bands are now in stock in our popular black bands and our blue bands.


JConcepts New Release – Short Course Truck Octagons and Stadium Truck!!

Battles can be won or lost in the “famed Octagon” and JConcepts pulled a ringer into the fight with an innovative 3.0 x 2.2” Short Course Truck tire. When it comes to high-bite, slick tire racing, look no further than the Octagons. At the appropriate time, and less tread is an advantage, vehicles can be tough to drive. The beauty of the Octagons lay just beneath the surface where JConcepts has removed a little surface area in the geometry based pattern.

Now available to 1/10th Short Course Trucks #3145 and 1/10th Stadium Trucks #3146.


JConcepts Silencer Regular and Lightweight Bodies for the MBX-8, RC8B3.1, D817 V2.

One of the most recognizable items dropped during the Worlds, the Silencer body style has now been designed for perfect fit and finish on the World Championship buggy, the Mugen MBX-7 and MBX-8.

A brand-new, ground up, design, the Silencer has new elements created for the highest speed circuits. A narrowed, Finisher stance cockpit allows more fuel tank access a smoother high-speed transition and increased flow around the engine heat-sink. A deep recess around the heat-sink area with dual channeling out the rear provides air escape along with rear-end stability. The Silencer side-pods have a clipped rear-end, narrowing the rear by angling just in front of the rear tires. The extended runner features are placed on the rear-end of the body enhancing the force placed on the rear pods during high-speed acceleration.

What started out as a simple task was anything but. For the precise fit, the design has undergone changes to match the RC8B.1 chassis side-guards and body mount positioning. The Silencer stance cockpit allows ample fuel tank access, a smoother high-speed windshield transition and increased flow around the engine heat-sink. A deep recess around the engine compartment with dual channeling out the rear provides air escape along with rear-end stability. 

The Silencer body has become a staple for David Ronnefalk as he used it to help him win his 2016 title in Las Vegas, NV, and now has become a part of the HB Racing kit.

Check out the Lightweight body options for some of the popular 1/8th nitro buggies out there in this blog article.


JConcepts New Release – Carpet | Astro High-Clearance Rear Wing

A new High-Clearance Wing has been developed and manufactured by JConcepts Inc. The HCW incorporates a short-chord design for quick rotation and a flat-base which provides more tire clearance. As the carpet and Astroturf conditions become more prevalent, racers have asked for a specific rear wing. The durable design has chopped rear corners for rigidity plus a traditional rear trim-line for a great balance of down-force and low-drag.


JConcepts New Release – 1979 Ford F-250 SCT Body

Travel back with JConcepts to a time when a truck was just a truck. Purpose built, no frills or luxury, just built Ford tough. Officially licensed by Ford, JConcepts introduces the 1979 Ford F-250 Ranger SCT body. Built as they were in the good ole days, JConcepts has brought an essence of the 1979 truck together with the latest offerings in competitive Short Course Racing. With detailed 70’s styling, the grill, fender and authentic 70’s cab styling screams retro. JConcepts left no detail untouched bringing this theme to the SCT crowd and most notably the rear roll bars and front to back horizontal body lines that give the “79” unmatched SCT realism.


JConcepts New Release – Tribute Wheel Mock Beadlock Rings

The Tribute wheel by JConcepts has impacted the RC monster truck community with style, functionality and realism. Now, drivers can reach for some mock beadlocks to give their truck another look and attitude. The injection molded, 4-piece set includes details found on today’s monster trucks and can be easily adapted to existing JConcepts Tribute wheels at a low-cost.

The simple part can be pressed on the outside, inner diameter shape of the wheel and left for visual purposes or light racing and track running. Racers who plan to perform heavy running, freestyle or bashing might want to opt for some flexible, adhesive goo for attachment and a more secure fit. The great part about the Tribute mock beadlocks, whether you press it in or use adhesive goo, the driver can always remove them, go for another color combo or clean them separately from the tire and wheel assembly.


JConcepts New Release – Tracker Wheel Discs For Dragon Wheels

The Mega Truck scene is blowing up in the RC world and JConcepts has a new item to spice things up. The Tracker wheel discs are replacement options for the Dragon wheelsets to provide a new look or to simply change the color scheme to existing wheels. Inspired from Weston Anderson’s Bog Hog, the Trackers sport a burly, angular steel-like build similar to versions utilized on the real deal. When it comes to Monster and Mega trucks, JConcepts is all-out scale looks and performance.


JConcepts New Release – Motor | Rotor Storage Box

Being organized is the name of the game. The best organized, best prepared racers are typically the ones reaching for that top step of the podium. JConcepts has reached into their bag of tricks to help racer organization. The motor | rotor box includes plenty of space for assembled motors, individually spaced rotors and a pocket for miscellaneous motor tuning items.


JConcepts Announcement – 2.8″ G-Locs Premounts are back!

JConcepts is pleased to announce that the G-Loc pre-mounts are back in stock which fit popular vehicles such as the Stampede, Stampede 4×4, Rustler and Rustler 4×4.

G-Locs – yellow compound – black wheel – (pre-mounted)
Part# 3056-3030
UPC Code – 845937006738
Retail price – $35.00
Map price – $26.25
(Fits – Stampede 4×4 F&R and E-Stampede and E-Rustler 2wd front)

G-Locs – yellow compound – black wheel – (pre-mounted)
Part# 3056-3040
UPC Code – 845937006745
Retail price – $35.00
Map price – $26.25
(Fits – E-Stampede and E-Rustler 2wd rear)


JConcepts New Release – Twin Pins and Nessi 2.2″ Rear Tire

The Twin Pins are a new ground-breaking design which has not only, turned some heads, but have the competition, scratching their heads. The Twin Pins feature a dual spike which is connected together to form a mini-mountain like silhouette. The Twins are rotated throughout the design to form a solid, pin rich environment so surface area is maximized. The tire carcass itself has been refined, slammed to low-profile, high-speed standards and slimmed out to reduce weight in all possible areas.

JConcepts hits the track with another weapon for the carpet and astroturf racing world. The Nessi tire shares styling cues from its successful brother, the Lockness. Racing on artificial surfaces requires a lot of stability and forward-bite and the design team went to work to substantially improve performance. The new tire brings a new 3D blended pin-size, pin-separation and a light-weight and incredibly low-profile carcass.


JConcepts New Release – 2005 Ford F-250 Super Duty

This beast is something special, the 2005 F-250 Super Duty is tough and with the Ford oval proudly displayed front and center, this truck is a force to be reckoned with. The menacing square-jaw front-end, brawn raised hood and aggressive headlamps are the unique tip-off that this truck was significantly different in the blue oval line-up. For its introduction to the hard-core monster truck community, JConcepts wanted to get it right.


JConcepts New Release – F2 Rustler VXL Body

The F2 body by JConcepts has been a trend-setting design since its release on the buggy population. Now, Traxxas Rustler drivers can drop-on a race favorite design to their bash vehicle of choice. As they say, the slate was once again swiped clean and the F2 was a ground-up form started in the computer and ultimately finished by hand. One of the key features is an arrow based design where the front is much narrower than the rear.


JConcepts New Release – 10th Scale Buggy “Drawstring” Tote Bag

Travel and organization is a large part of racing and any competition. For years, drivers have asked for a tote bag capable of carrying buggies to and from the track. Alas, JConcepts has delivered on the tidy pit option. Important to the seasoned driver and relative newcomer, the drawstring bag has a handy base design with durable material. The tote bag is comprised of multiple compartments with the largest area being reserved for RC vehicle resting space.


JConcepts New Release – A1R 190mm Touring Car Body

The JConcepts team has turned up the intensity in the on-road segment introducing the A1R touring car racer body. A true drivers body, the new shell has fundamental differences necessary for performance. When the team hit the track during the 2018 ROAR Nationals, it was apparent there would be a new era starting in touring car racing. As a racing veteran for almost 30 years, Paul Wynn went to work sculpting a new A1R. After input from National Champion, Ryan Cavalieri, the new speedster started to take shape.


JConcepts New Release – Small Zipper Storage “Money” Bag

Once upon a time, local banking establishments provided a pouch that could be used for just about anything by a customer, most of the time is was cash money. Today, it’s important to have storage on the RC race scene but not necessarily for cash. To tidy up traveling equipment, JConcepts introduces the small zipper storage bag to pack away bulk essential items in a pit bag.

The material is durable, provides stout support for bulk items and contains the old fashioned but reliable, zipper. The bag is topped off with printed JConcepts Racing Team logo for authenticity and brand loyalty. Jason Ruona states, “I like using the small zipper bag for my rotary tools, body mounting equipment, and anything that typically doesn’t have a traveling home.”


JConcepts New Release – 1982 GMC K2500 Body

Square body nation rejoice, the team at JConcepts has brought back the late 70’s and early 80’s generation GMC truck line-up to the RC enthusiast with the GMC K2500 truck body. The team started from scratch, after heavy influence from the GM hopefuls. Fans of the JConcepts product line have a passion for originals, in order to re-live those classic days of tradition and conventional truck design, heavy edginess and a lot of detail work went into this beauty.


JConcepts New Release – 1967 Chevy Chevelle

One of the crown jewels of the muscle car generation is the 1967 Chevrolet Chevelle. It was a potent street weapon and a notable day-to-day automobile, but its strength is one of the most classic models to ever roll-off the General Motors assembly line. As the brochure claimed in the late ’60s, “What you’ll see, will probably bring on a severe compulsion to go driving.”

As the street eliminator class heats up on the circuit, JConcepts has faithfully recreated the icon in full detail. Like all vehicles of this generation, the imagination was amazing in the design department, swooping lines, hard edges and statement-making trim packages. The corners of the front-end are pointed and wedge down to point the driver in the correct direction. The hood-scoop is planted along the center-line of the vehicle bringing that drag-strip inspiration.


JConcepts – Finnisher – HB Racing D817T Body

Body development is never quite finished, but in the case of the new 1/8th truck body by JConcepts, the Finnisher is a polished product. The winner of the 2016 ROAR National Championship, the Finnisher body in the hands of Ryan Maifield is a proven racing commodity. JConcepts is here to support the 1/8th truck class with a Finnisher body which is a drop fit on to the HB Racing D817T (Nitro) and E817T (Electric) racing trucks.


JConcepts New Release – Arrma Kraton BLX Body

The new Finnisher for the Kraton BLX polishes off an already beastly truck. The Finnisher is a proven winner on the race track, but its appeal on and off the racing line makes it perfect for the ultimate speed-run and basher vehicle. Simply put, the Arrma Kraton is a beast of a truggy, its top-speed rivals the fastest vehicles in RC and JConcepts now has a Finnisher body ready to compliment this agile vehicle.


JConcepts New Release – S15 Body For HB Racing D819 and S15 Mugen MBX8 Body

The S15 blends performance features on the popular Silencer body with new features such as mid-body winglets and rear stabilizer kick-up. The roof of the body remains strong with the upper fin in position for stability and tracking ability. The engine area remains clean and a deep-rooted position allows the engine head maximum side exposure to air and escape. The front and rear body mount area is cleanly designed and allows for a drop-fit on the Mugen MBX-8 and older MBX-7 kit variants.

When the World Championship arrives, it’s nice to be prepared with new items to fine tune the racing package at the largest event in the world. JConcepts arrived with a fresh lid for the HB Racing D8 vehicle used in competition by ace driver David Ronnefalk. The S15 packs a lot of performance into a stylish package consistent with vehicle upgrades and performance aero enhancements recently made on the racing circuit.


JConcepts New Release – Finnisher Tekno ET410 Body

The RC world is progressing; one of the latest classes to hit the scene is the 1/10th truggy class. Tekno has been leading edge in this department with the release of the ET410. When it comes to body performance, the Finnisher body by JConcepts has always been class leading with National Championships to its credit. It only makes sense to join the new upstart vehicle with the Finnisher rock-solid shell combination.

The #0385 body incorporates pre-dimpled locations for the Tekno ET410, one of the hottest new vehicles on the circuit. The slight cab forward, raked windshield and aggressive stance highlight a performance oriented core. A wide front hood scoop allows plenty of clearance for the unique shock geometry. The body incorporates a large center fin which begins on the roof line and finishes just past the half-way point on the bed. Chin spoiler, headlight and grille protect the front-end from unwanted up-drafts during flight while the supplied decals stand-out like an 18 wheeler.


JConcepts New Release – 2019 Finish Line T-Shirt, Trucker Hat, and Hooded Sweatshirt

The goal in any motorsport is to make it to the Finish Line, with the new JConcepts t-shirt, you can look good doing it. Fresh for the new season of racing, JConcepts drops the latest shield racing logo on the fastest looking t-shirt yet. 

JConcepts is ready for the new racing year with the Finish Line hat. The hat itself is the flat bill style, snap-back for easy fit and rear mesh construction and design for great airflow. The front features the new logo stitched into the latest patch for the trendy look and trackside fashion statement. A staple for JConcepts drivers around the globe, the Finish Line hat stands-out at all racing events during podium photo shoots and racing accomplishments.

The stylish hooded JConcepts sweatshirt consists of the awesome 2019 team graphic front and back featuring angled and distressed checkerboard design in the background represents the finish line and for any racer, getting across first is what matters. The new JConcepts logo pops with authority and with a racers lightning bolt separating the artwork, speed and quickness are always at the forefront of this design.


JConcepts New Release – RM2 Clear Diff Lube

The RM2 clear diff lube is an option for racers looking to tame the power and provide the all-important drive and acceleration necessary to win at the highest level. During a fresh build or re-build, apply the clear lube into the main gear diff-ball holes and then install the (not included) diff balls. After popping the diff balls down into place inside the gear, apply another layer of clear lube over the top to cover and smooth the area. Remember, use a liberal amount but enough to fill the voids and assemble the rest of the diff.


JConcepts New Release – New Monster Truck Tires; Golden Years and JConcepts Tires

JConcepts has reached into the arsenal and embraced the future of monster truck racing with the release of the JConcepts Tire. On-track testing, compound development and new design techniques have led to a newly inspired all-out racing tire for the RC monster truck community. In racing, the ultimate compromise is weight and the new JConcepts Tire is light-weight with its continuous carcass, pre-cut tread height and low-profile footing.

The Golden Years by JConcepts are another reminder of the commitment the team has to the beginnings of an industry. An RC builder or modeler always has a new idea or ideal truck from the past they would like to emulate, and now, with the Golden Years, finishing off the early-era replica can be complete. For JConcepts, the slate was once again swiped clean when designing the new tire. With learned behavior from other tires in the line-up, it was clear a few things would be added for new performance and scale appearance.


JConcepts New Release – P2K – B6.1 Body

JConcepts has a rich history in the 2wd buggy class and a passion for the racing performance at the highest level. Throughout the years, the body development has evolved to include an array of features to produce results on a wide range of surfaces. The P2K is the latest body to come from the team produced for the latest generation of 2wd buggies. An evolution of the P2 body, the “K” is more sleek by removing rear down-force features to allow the buggy to turn on the tightest circuits and carpet and AstroTurf surfaces where traction is always plentiful.


JConcepts New Release – Foam Adhesive Body Washers

Prolonging the life of any RC body shell is important. The new JConcepts foam washers start protecting where initial damage starts to occur which is right around the body mount holes or attachment area. The die-cut foam donut is adhesive backed to attach itself to the body and the foam cushions the landings from there. The soft but high-impact material allows some flexibility between the body and the setting distance to the mount protecting the paint from the inside out.

Protect with JConcepts, World Proven Innovation and Design.


JConcepts New Release – JConcepts Updated Body Options for TLR 22 5.0 Buggy

After the release of the highly anticipated TLR 22 5.0 2wd buggy, there was a lot of requests for JConcepts to re-release the S2 and F2 bodies but made specifically for the brand new 5.0 platform. Although there was a slight difference between the 4.0 and 5.0 chassis shapes, we wanted to outfit the new car so the bodies would fit perfectly showcasing the fit and finish JConcepts is well known for.

With the evolution of race tracks, complicated circuits combining more aggressive jumps and extremely high-speed corners, JConcepts incorporated many features which provide several benefits in the most critical situations. Increased windshield angle provides a steady force upfront during mid-flight wind gusts on large jumps. Forward cab placement changes performance / visible bias which help steering rotation in low traction corners.

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