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2017 Spring Super Cup rd 2 – Battle at Lake Park R/C

Over the weekend of Feb. 4th, Lake Park played host to the 2nd round of the JConcepts 2017 Spring Super Cup Series and it was nothing short of spectacular. The event was a fusion of ‘New School’ meeting ‘Old School’ as Lake Park once upon a time hosted one of the biggest races in the United States that saw roots dating back to the 80’s….. those referred to it as the Florida Winter Champs. Although the gear has changed with the advent of mid-motors cars, lipos, brushless motors, and modern tire technologies, Lake Park was transformed into a modern day classic for the weekend with over 250 entries.

Iconic for the red clay surface and great Florida winter weather, the Lake Park track crew, headed by long-time Florida native Ryan Eckert, did a fantastic job with track prep and layout. The layout was awesome and consisted of a great mix of jumps, elevation changes, and flow that resulted in a really fun track that was also a delight to race on.

One of the biggest factors that impacted racing was mother nature as the track and grip would evolve from the cold start of the day to face the beating heat of the sun midday. Later, racers would have to deal with the cold, slicker track conditions at night while racing under lights. The window of ‘dialed’ was constantly shifting throughout the day, but that is part of the beauty of outdoor racing and this track had it by the truck loads.

Complete results are available here. Just click on the link and head over to’s results page and have a look at times, videos for other mains, and stats! Scroll down below to catch the podiums and all of the A-Main videos.

Traxxas Bigfoot A-main

1st – Jason Ruona
2nd – Dave Duncan
3rd – Garrett Benson

Novice A-main

17.5 Independent Stock Buggy A-Main

1st – Ryan Harris
2nd – Joshua Alfro (left)
3rd – Tommy Allen

17.5 Expert Stock Buggy A-Main

1st – Jader Lopez
2nd – Daniel Chavez
3rd – Lee Setser

17.5 Independent Short Course A-Main

1st – Jake Salvati
2nd – German Diaz
3rd – Vince McMahon

Modified Short Course A-Main

1st – Jake Shugarman
2nd – Adam Hanas (left)
3rd – Justin Olds

4×4 Modified Short Course A-Main

1st – Mitch Zeck
2nd – Ryan Harris
3rd – James Large

17.5 Independent Stock Truck A-Main

1st – Kenny Setser
2nd – Clayton Jett
3rd – Ryan Spriggs (right)

Mod Truck

1st – Landen Lewis
2nd – J.r. Mitch
3rd – Jader Lopez

13.5 4wd A-Main

1st – Patrick Rossiter
2nd – Derek Jacobs (left)
3rd – Ben Pinover

4wd Modified

4wd modified saw the class TQ, TLR/JConcepts’ JR Mitch recover from an early mistake to recapture the lead and take the win. Making his way from 5th on the grid, AE/JConcepts’ Daimon Borkowicz would put in a terrific drive and minimalize his mistakes to find himself 2nd overall. Serpents’ Justin Fales would momentarily take over the lead, but would fall back to 3rd and secure his podium spot with a great drive on the challenging evening slick track.

1st – J.r. Mitch
2nd – Daimon Borkowicz
3rd – Justin Fales

40+ Open 2wd A-Main

1st – Richard Schaeffer
2nd – Walter Cruz (not pictured)
3rd – John Prickett

2wd Modified A-Main

The 2wd modified A-main saw class TQ and 2nd place qualifier make contact in the 1st turn resulting in the two falling back in the pack. This gave way to AE/JConcepts’ Daimon Borkowicz to take the lead and check out from the field. The battle would be for 2nd and 3rd between AE/JConcepts’ Paul Wynn and Xray’s Landen Lewis. Nearing the end of the 5 minute main, Wynn would hold on to finish 2nd with Lewis finishing a very close 3rd.

1st – Daimon Borkowicz
2nd – Paul Wynn
3rd – Landen Lewis

Racing is special because of the people involved and thanks to all the racers for coming out and participating in the JConcepts Super Cup. Also, the dedication of the Lake Park R/C track crew can’t be thanked enough as they gave us an awesome place to hold a killer event. Thank you and see you at round 3!

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