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2016 ROAR Electric Nats – JConcepts takes 3 National Titles!

With 4 rounds of qualifying finished, Sunday was the day many were waiting for. The slow build up was finally over and with no ‘bumps ups’ here at Nationals, the grid was set and the only thing left to do was race. Preparation and car setup was the secret key to success as track evolution was inevitable. Those who could keep up with tire prep and setup, would find a bit of extra during the intense triple A-mains. For those who would like to see the overall results for all classes, click on this link.

track pana 6Dv2

It is always a pleasure to see young talent at the Nationals as it can give us a glimpse into the future.  These 15 and under talents will one day reign on the national circuit. Congrats to Aidan Olson, Mitchell Pavel, and Emerson Sturgeon on making the podium, but also to everyone that competed in the 15 and under class. It was a true pleasure and for many a wonderful experience.



One driver that has been on top of it all when Sunday came was JConcepts’ Kyle Layton. Taking TQ in the super competitive 17.5 stock buggy class, Kyle would show the nation why he would start on pole. In both A1 and A2, Kyle was able to distance himself from the field and controlled the race at will while the rest were battling back and forth. Having captured A1 and A2 in dominate fashion, Kyle would be crowned your 2016 17.5 stock buggy National Champion! Congratulations to Kyle for a such an awesome performance and adding another National title for JConcepts. Another stellar JConcepts performer was Sarah Ernst, who nearly took the victory in A2 over Layton, but wasn’t able to get the extra lap by just 1.7 seconds. Sarah was on point all weekend and very proud of her dedication and performance all weekend long.


17.5 buggy triple

Another standout performance was by JConcepts’ Shane Borden who was able to do something similar to Layton, but in the 17.5 stock SC class. Not the class TQ, but Borden was on a mission and was not going to be denied the National title once the tone was heard. When the opportunity came, Shane would seize the moment and jump to the front and go on to win A1 and A2 and wrap up the National title for himself and for JConcepts. Impressive drive from the Northwest native and we’re sure there will be more great things to come from Shane in the future. Once again making the podium was Kyle Layton putting in a solid run to finish 3rd.


17.5 SCT

17.5 stadium truck was a battle amongst 4 drivers showing great speed and all with a shot at winning. After 3 rounds, it was Team Associated’s Michael Meister taking the overall by winning A1 and a very close A3. It came down to the wire in A3 as TLR’s Wayne Wyrick was slowly reeling in Meister and closing the gap, but with not enough time left on the clock, Meister would win A3 taking the overall.


17.5 truck

Everyone was gathered around for a classic showdown between Ryan Maifield and Ryan Cavalieri in modified short course class in anticipation of some of the best racing by 2 of the industry’s greatest drivers. With Cavalieri having narrowly earned TQ over Maifield, the advantage was Cavalieri’s. Once the main started Maifield was never able to find a way around his friend and rival no matter how hard he fought. One mistake was all it would take as Cavalieri would put in flawless drives to take the win. Maifield would have to settle for 2nd, but the tables could turn just as easy in their next encounter in short course.


Mod SC

Modified truck has started to see a resurgence over the past year and along with it the competition getting tougher. Topping the class was TLR’s Dakotah Phend who much like in 2wd, had another gear for everyone. Earning TQ and taking the overall in 2 mains was an amazing feat to watch regardless of brand or sponsor. JConcepts’ Dustin Evans showed his speed and silky smooth driving that would earn him 2nd on the podium. What made it happen was Dustin’s clutch driving to win A3 putting himself ahead of his competitors.


Mod truck triple

The race for the National title in 4wd modified was as good as it gets. It took courage and heart as TLR’s Dakotah Phend had locked up 3 TQ’s in 3 classes and looking close to invincible. However, this is racing and anything can happen with triple A-mains and with world class talents like Maifield behind the wheel. Check out the videos below for your viewing pleasure as these were some of the best mains all weekend.


4wd triple

TLR’s Dakotah Phend just seemed to have a bit extra all weekend and had a pace that wasn’t matched during a full 6 minute race. Phend would go on to win A1 and A2 and be crowned 2wd National Champion and deservingly so with such great driving, consistency, and speed. JConcepts’ Ryan Maifield looked to have 2nd place wrapped up, but one mistake on the last lap of A3 costed him 2nd overall giving Ty Tessman 2nd. JConcepts’ Dustin Evans would return to form and be a contender all weekend finishing a very respectable 5th overall for the former 2wd National Champion. JConcepts’ Cole Tollard made a name for himself this weekend following up an awesome performance at the Reedy Race earlier this year. Cole would go on to finish 6th overall so look for Cole to bring it in the near future. Spencer Rivkin would finish 7th with JP Richards 8th in a great showing for JConcepts as 5 of the top 10 would be on JConcepts in the 2wd modified division.


2wd Mod triple

Here are the videos for 2wd modified.

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