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2013 Shiverville Points Series – Round 3

JConcepts dominates at the Shiverville Points Series.

Race: 2013 Shiverville Points Series (R3)
Date: October 19, 2013
Track: Shiverville Speedway
High Springs, FL

Race Reporter: Daniel Castaneda
Photo Credit: Cheryl Joye-Shiver

Shiverville Speedway owner and JConcepts driver Ken Shiver, along with his dedicated track crew, put in a valiant effort to prepare for some high-speed racing. Shiverville Racetrack regulars have become spoiled with the track’s high-bite hard-pack surface, and this race was no exception. With nothing but blue skies and sunshine on the forecast, it was all systems go!

The first qualifiers began early in the day, with many opting for the JConcepts Double Dee’s and Rips or Green Bar Codes until the track grooved up. By the second qualifiers, the track had heated up and called for V2 Bar Codes in blue compound all around. Tire squeal could be heard on the sweeper as the groove picked up and cars were traction rolling left and right. The pace picked up immensely, with new TQ’s being set in most classes for round 2 of qualifying.

JConcepts drivers were in attendance with many at the front of the pack in their respective classes. Stock buggy was up first, with JConcepts Driver Alan Wight taking the overall TQ and win, securing him with the overall win in the series. Up and coming driver Cody Wiles came in 2nd and Danny Wight 3rd.

Stock Truck was up next, with JConcepts driver Jonathan Paulk taking the TQ and win, Ben Newsom 2nd, and JConcepts driver Tracy Carver 3rd. Stock Short Course had David Whitesides with the TQ, but Tracy Carver had the speed and consistency in the main to take the win. Whitesides ended up in the 2 spot, with Will Carver in the 3.

Mod buggy was the first of the mod classes, with JConcepts drivers Daniel Castaneda and Alan Wight duking it out for the TQ spot. Alan Wight broke in the 2nd heat, allowing Daniel to take the TQ spot and the win. Alan Wight ended up 2nd, with Landen Lewis 3rd.

Next up was Mod Truck, with Landen Lewis taking the TQ and win, Ken Shiver in 2nd, and Jamie White 3rd. Landen TQ’ed Mod SCT, but had issues in the main, allowing JConcepts driver John Bernard by with the win, Donnie Jackson 2nd, and Landen 3rd.

Finally, there were the 4wd classes. Mod 4wd buggy was up first, with Daniel Castaneda showing the way. John Bernard and Daniel fought back and forth in the main, swapping for the lead several times. Daniel took the win, with John 2nd, and Patrick Carlo 3rd.

Mod 4wd Short Course had a large showing, with John Bernard dominating the class, and taking the TQ and win. Finally, 1/8 E-Buggy finished out with John Bernard 1st, Jamie Joiner 2nd, and Lonnie Larkan 3rd.

As usual, Shiverville Racetrack put on a great event with its family-friendly environment and premier track facility. Racers will return on November 9th for the 4th round of the series.

JConcepts winning products:

Tracy Carver
Team Associated SC10.2

0250L – Nissan Titan Hi-Flow Body Lightweight
2097 – 78T 48P Silent Speed Spur Gear
2160-1 – JConcepts Battery Hold Down Thumb Screw
2163 – SC10 Monroe Carbon Fiber Battery Brace
2164 – SC10 Carbon Fiber Body Mount Brace
2166 – SC10/T4 Anti Roll Bar Kit
2171T – Titanium Front Axle
2226 – SC10/T4 Fin Turnbuckle Set
2247 – SC10 Chassis Protective Sheet
2270-1 – SC10 HoneyComb Motor Plate
3044-01 – Bar Code Blue Rear
3050-01 – Carver Blue Front
3344 – Hazard +3mm Wider offset
3344WD – White Wheel Dish

Alan Wight
Team Associated B4.2
0212 – B4.2 +8mm Finnisher Body
2076 – 8/32 Locking Wheel Nut Lightweight
2101 – JConcepts 72T 48P Silent Speed Spur Gear
2161 – B4.2 +8mm Monroe Carbon Fiber Battery Brace
2169T – B4.2 Titanium Front Axle
2181 – Rib & Wedge Ball cup Assortment
2225 – B4 Fin Turnbuckle Set
2244 – B4 Chassis Protective Sheet
3017-01 – Barcode Blue Front
3033-01 – Barcode V2 Blue Rear
3347 – Mono White Wheel Front

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