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FREE economy shipping on all orders over $99* US (lower 48 states)

2012 Spektrum Off-Road Championship

Chad Due and Kody Numedahl clean house at Spektrum Off-Road Championships with JConcepts.

Event: 2012 Spektrum Off-Road Championship
Date: November 2-4 , 2012
Track: Trackside Hobbies and Raceway – Brookfield, WI

Each year Scotty Ernst Productions along with the famous Spektrum radio system brand bond together for an incredible event. 326 entries made up one of the best events to date as Scotty moved through the races as only the he can. The modified classes were once again hotly contested and Team Associated / JConcepts drivers Chad Due and Kody Numedahl were at the top of the field each round during qualifying. With the grippy JConcepts blue compound Bar Codes providing the traction, some of the best drivers in the business battled for 4 rounds of qualifying.

At the end of qualifying Chad Due reigned supreme by placing himself in the TQ position in 2wd buggy, Racing Truck and 2wd SCT modified. Kody Numedahl with the freshly released, JConcepts equipped B44.2, took the all important TQ in the 4wd modified class. With Mike Truhe, Steven Just and JP Richards all in attendance the main events were surely no easy task for the quick AE duo.

During the main events the TQ drivers dominated. Chad Due with his freshly prepped AE vehicles out matched everyone in 2 straight mains to take the 2wd modified and modified truck classes in convincing fashion. With all the local support and confidence, Chad patiently awaited the 2wd Short Course A-main to see if he could sweep the event for the first time ever. Teammate Kody Numedahl took care of business in the 4wd modified A-mains by racking up 2 quick A1 and A2 victories to seal the deal very early as well.

All eyes were on the single 7 minute 2wd SCT modified A-main. With everything on the line it was a barn burner between the top 3 drivers. Chad Due who recently took the 2wd and Racing Truck A-mains looked confident early on but the Richards brothers (JP and Dustin) would not go away very easily. The 3 JConcepts drivers looked untouchable while freight-training around the track for several minutes but in the end Due’s speed was too much and he took a comfortable 2 second lead and the overall victory. JP Richards finished 2nd and Dustin Richards 3rd.

Appreciation goes out to Trackside Hobbies and Raceway, Scotty Ernst Productions and Spektrum on another special event.

JConcepts Team Won With The Following Products:

#3017-01 Bar Codes 2.2″ buggy front wheel – Blue Compound
#3016-01 Bar Codes 2.2″ buggy rear wheel – Blue Compound
#3347 Mono – B4.1 | RB5 – 12mm hex front wheel
#3348 Mono – B4.1 | B44.1 | RB5 – 12mm hex rear wheel
#0212 Illuzion – B4.1 +8mm Finnisher worlds body
#0122 Illuzion – 6.5″ wide Hi-Clearance wing
#2091 12mm rear hex adaptor for B4.1, B44.1
#2135 12mm front clamping hex adaptor for B4.1
#2075 8/32″ locking wheel nut
#2159-1 B4.1, T4.1 aluminum wing / body mounts (Blue)
#2158 B4.1, T4.1 and SC10 aluminum steering bell-cranks
#2161 B4.1 +8mm Monroe Carbon Fiber battery brace
#3044-01 Bar Codes SCT Blue Compound
#0222 Hi-Flow SCT body
#2134 12mm front clamping hex adaptor for SC10
#2081 12mm rear hex adaptor for SC10
#3344B Hazard – SC10 / SC10 4×4 – 3mm wider off-set – 12mm hex wheel
#2163 SC10 Monroe Carbon Fiber battery brace
#0235 Illuzion – T4.1 – Finnisher body
#3354 T4.1 Mono Hex Wheels
#3021-01 Bar Codes 2.2″ truck wheel Blue Compound
#3020-01 Bar Codes 2.2″ 4wd front wheel Blue Compound
#0213 Illuzion B44.1 Finnisher worlds body
#3348Y Mono B4.1 | B44.1 | RB5 – 12mm hex rear wheel
#3349Y Mono B44.1 – front wheel
#2167 8/32″ thin-pattern locking wheel nut – fits B44 front
#2160-1 JConcepts – battery hold down thumb / wrench nut

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