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FREE economy shipping on all orders over $99* US (lower 48 states)

1/8th Scale Product Release Rewind

Instead of combining all the latest product releases into 1 long, endless blog post, we split the 1/10th scale products from the 1/8th scale product REWIND to make it easier and more efficient to follow along with all the awesome releases.

As with the 1/10th scale products, the 1/8th scale product line embodies the JConcept brand’s quality, vision, and performance. We are always striving to make the best equipment for you to enjoy your RC racing experience at the highest level. Check out this edition of the 1/8th Scale Product Release REWIND!

1/8th Off-Road Long Wear Compounds

There’s no secret that tires are important and one of the main keys to success in racing. With the addition of the longer wear compounds of Y2, O2, and R2’s, JConcepts has once again pushed the envelope of performance. Designed for hot weather, long mains, and/or abrasive track conditions, the long wear compounds has been tested by the industry’s best and now available to the masses. Learn more by clicking on the picture or title.


JConcepts RC8B3 | RC8T3 Servo Bracket

The JConcepts servo bracket is one of those simple, yet effective parts that flies under the radar. Made from billet aluminum and highlighted with a stylish silver chamfered, this aesthetically beautiful crafted piece is available in black or blue anodizing. Click to learn more.


JConcepts RC8B3 |RC8T3 Aluminum Camber and Track Shims

Adjustability and being able to quickly tune your car can give you an advantage over the competition. JConcepts has introduced the cleverly designed aluminum camber and track width shims for the RC8 vehicles in response to making the adjustment a lot more convenient and faster. With the slotted .5, 1, and 2-degree shims, adjusting camber and track width is now a breeze. Only one click away to learn more.


JConcepts Strike 3 Body for the Team Associated RC8B3

When JConcepts introduced the Strike 3 body at the IFMAR World Championship in Las Vegas, it unveiled arguably the most stylish, high-performance 1/8th scale body to date. With a smooth mid-cab and classic lines, the S3 embodies styling cues from the racing winning design heritage of the Finnisher, Silencer, and Strike series bodies. Raised sides pods towards the motor and end of the body redirect air to give a more ‘connected’ feel on the track for added performance. Check out the S3 by clicking on the picture above.


JConcepts Mugen MBX-7R and Team Associated RC8B3 Front Scoop

Small things can have a huge impact on performance and this is one of those items…. the front wing scoop. Instead of using a nose cone that looks cool, the front wing scoop replaces the nose cone and gives you more front end downforce, much like the popular front wings on a 1/10th scale car. Designed to be a direct fit for the MBX-7R and RC8B3, this quick bolt on scoop enhances steering characteristics in just minutes. This is also a piece that was used by Ryan Maifield to win the 2017 Dirt Nitro Challenge. Click on the picture for more info.


JConcepts Finnisher Body for the Mugen MBX-7TR

There are bodies and there are masterpieces. The JConcepts Finnisher truggy design is the Mona Lisa of truggy bodies. This beautifully sculpted piece of art adds style and performance and now available to all Mugen truggy fans as a drop fit replacement. From the extended front chin spoiler, to the hood fin, and bed rails, the Finnisher’s design is all about performance and has been winning races since its debut. The JConcepts Finnisher truggy body is currently the 2016 ROAR National Champion and 2017 DNC Champion. Find out more with a click!

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