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FREE economy shipping on all orders over $99* US (lower 48 states)

1/8th Fuel Nationals – Saturday Late Night Update

JR Mitch Ready for Round 2 - Yellow CrowBarsI have to give some shoutouts to the JConcepts drivers.  We have had a lot of support this weekend and the guys have been working together and trying to find the best combination.   I’ve also got a chance to meet Marshall Skare and Shane Racer…etc and re-touch with many of my friends from the past.

We need to give JR Mitch his props qualifying 13th and just 1 position behind Ryan Cavalieri.   They will be in separate semis tomorrow so they could both bump to the A-main.

I think the hero racers tend to forget about us Florida racers but we can wheel when we are on it!  Ha

I’m going to give some of my notes as I wrote them during the A qualifier.  Truhe looks to be on rails.  Car and engine looks about perfect for round 4.  Explosive bottom end and pop.  JR Mitch is giving Jared Tebo all he wants!  Tebo can’t shake him for 4 minutes!   JR is on an 09 or 10 pace which would be top 5 for the round.  JR loses the car going down the hill and costs some time and finishes with a 13 which is his best run of the weekend.

Another thing to mention is JR ran the same set of yellow crowbars for all 4 qualifiers.  Same set of tires and running with Tebo!  He claims the tires just got better every round and he was affraid to touch it.  This is important for the guys that think they have to mount all the time or the hero drivers are mounting all the time.  You have to know your tires!

I don’t want this to be too much of a feel good report but it was worth mentioning.   Still work to be done tomorrow if we are going to come home with the trophy.

Hotel restruant again for Jon and I followed by a trip to The Home Depot.  We had to pick up some packing tape and dispenser.  Trying to tape boxes without the dispenser is pointless.  Got to have it!

Jon busted his butt today helping the team and Maifield.  Rebuilds on Mans truggy, buggy plus the normal wear and tear for a pit guy.   Bob Evans for breakfast tomorrow morning?

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