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FREE economy shipping on all orders over $99* US (lower 48 states)

1/10th Scale Product Release Rewind

Over the past few months, JConcepts has been hard at work delivering innovative products to the masses. Racer driven, tested, and approved, these products have passed the rigorous demands of the industry’s best drivers like 4 time World Champion Ryan Cavalieri, current 1/8th scale World Champion David Ronnefalk, current 1/10th scale World Champion Spencer Rivkin, and arguably the fastest man on the planet Ryan Maifield.

Since JConcepts is always looking to push the envelope on product development, it could be hard to keep up what all the upgrades, tires, and apparel so we’re making it easy for you with this edition of the 1/10th scale Product Release REWIND.

JConcepts F2 Body for the B6 | B6D

One of the most highly anticipated bodies to hit the market for the Team Associated B6 series car was the F2. Not only is it compatible with the stand-up 3 and 4 gear and lay-down transmissions, this stylish beauty also comes in the lightweight version as well. Not to mention a pack of Aero Wings to boot! To learn more about the F2, just click on the picture. (Body comes with window mask and is unpainted).

JConcepts B6 | B6D Rear ball stud mount

Durability is important and with JConcepts aluminum rear ball stud mount, you get style and strength. For those who like the black look, it also comes in black anodizing and silver chamfered edging for that extra stealthy bling. Click on the picture or title to learn more about this awesome piece.

JConcepts YZ-2 Chassis Protective Sheet

One of the best items to have in keeping your car looking new and fresh is a chassis protector. Stylish, protective, and re-usable stick and seal performance makes this one of the best options out there. The bonus is you also get 2! Click to find out more!

JConcepts F2 Body for the Yokomo YZ-2

Debuted at the Reedy Race of Champions, the ultra stylish F2 body is now available for the Yokomo YZ-2. Building on the popular Finnisher body, the F2 adds an even more aggressive profile with chassis hugging fit, classic step feature, and several louver options to allow air to escape the top of the body. Of course, the body is packaged with 2 Aero rear wings and also available in regular or lightweight variants. (Body comes with window mask and is unpainted).

JConcepts S2 Body for the Yokomo YZ-4

Giving the Yokomo fans another option to the stock body, JConcepts released the S2 body for the YZ-4 and was debuted by Ryan Maifield at the 2017 Reedy Race of Champions. At the end of the 4wd portion of the Invitational, Ryan was tied for the points lead validating the body’s performance characteristics. The clear lexan body comes with two Aero wings and available in regular or lightweight. If you’d like to learn more just click on the picture. (Body comes with window mask and is unpainted).

JConcepts Stadium Truck Swaggers and Pin Downs

Building on the popular Swaggers and Pin Downs for the 1/10th scale buggies, JConcepts released the stadium truck version of the Swaggers and Pin Downs with much of the same race proven tread pattern and design. Built on a low-profile carcass, added side-wall ribbing, and medium soft 2 pink dot material with great wear characteristics gives the Swaggers unmatched corner speed and consistency.

JConcepts re-invents the pin style tire with the release of the Pin Downs. The Pin Downs feature a pin spiked tread, which is directional for added performance and stability. The directional nature of the pins were positioned to allow broken-in type pins to grip the surface in one direction, while the pins are more upright when oriented in the opposite direction. The bottoms of the pins have heavy radiuses which allow the pins to wear more consistently and not tear or rip off the carcass prematurely. Read more by clicking on the title or picture.

JConcepts B6 and B64 Titanium Option Parts

First up is the 10mm titanium steering turnbuckle. Simple, easy, and looks a whole lot better than the steel set screw and matches your Fin style turnbuckles.

Next is the JConcepts titanium SHORT shock stand-offs with machined Delrin pivot bushings. Designed as a direct fit for the B6|B6D|B64 front tower, these machined titanium stand-offs feature a 7mm hex base for easy adjustments and tuning.

Finally, JConcepts released the matching titanium LONG stand-offs for direct fitment for the B6|B6D|B64 rear tower. Made of high-grade titanium, machined with “Fin” styling and designed to fit 7mm hex wrenches, these stand-offs are nothing short of aesthetic jewelry.

For those who are looking to get extra machined Delrin pivot bushings, we’ve got you covered and available in a pack of 4. Click on the title or pic to find out more.

JConcepts B64|B64D Fin Titanium Turnbuckle Set

Ever since the initial release, the Fin turnbuckle have become the standard in which all turnbuckles are measured. Featuring definitive styling, strength, and quality, the Fin turnbuckles have been released for the Team Associated B64|B64D. Find out more by clicking on the picture or title.

JConcepts Yokomo YZ-2, 3 Gear Laydown Transmission Gear Shield

Tired of ruining your spur or removing paint from your body? It’s time to check out the JConcepts 3 gear laydown gear shield for your YZ-2. The shield is designed for a maximum spur gear size of 81 and works best with JConcepts S2 and F2 bodies. Click on the picture to learn more.

JConcepts XRAY 3-Gear Laydown Transmission Gear Shield

You asked for it, we delivered. The JConcepts gear shield makes its way to the Xray XB2 platform for the 3 gear laydown transmission set.  The gear shield is a protection device that adds some protection to the spur gear while also shielding the body from unwanted scratches and rubs associated with normal driving use and wear and tear during a typical race outing. The shield is designed for a maximum spur gear size of 81 and works best with JConcepts S2 and F2 bodies. Click on the photo for more info.

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