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FREE economy shipping on all orders over $99* US (lower 48 states)
FREE economy shipping on all orders over $99* US (lower 48 states)

Hitec X4-80 Four-Port Multicharger

This new charger can handle 4 packs at once pumping out 80 watts per port for an amazing total output power of 320 watts. Check out all the details in the press release below:

Our popular line of economical battery chargers keeps expanding with the introduction of our new X4-Eighty! Featuring four identical and independent 80-watt power outputs, this easy-to-operate, microprocessor-controlled charger has a total output power of 320 watts! Each port is capable of charging all types of rechargeable batteries at up to 6 amps, whether it is a 6S Lithium pack to 15 NiCd/NiMH cells to 6-12 volt lead acid batteries. Four individual balancing ports eliminate the need for a separate balancer when charging Lithium batteries. Equipped with a twin fan cooling system and an internal sensor for controlling fan speed, the X4-Eighty delivers the reliability and safety required in charging your various types of batteries. Its powerful capability combined with its reliable, safety functions make it the perfect choice for all electric and nitro modelers. Whether you are a weekend flier, an aerobatic master, a heli pilot or a mid-level to pro basher or racer, this is the charger for you. Supported by Hitec’s legendary customer service and trustworthy branding, the X4-Eighty is sure to be the market’s fan favorite charging solution!

Stock# 44169: Hitec X4-80 4-Port Multicharger Four-Port Multicharger with 80-watt per port capability
Estimated Street Price: $169.99

Available Accessories:

Stock# 44152: Flight Power/Thunder Power Battery Adapter
Estimated Street Price: $7.99

Stock# 44153: PolyQuest/HP Battery Adapter
Estimated Street Price: $7.99

Stock# 44154: EH Balancing Adapter
Estimated Street Price: $7.99

Stock# 44155: XH Balancing Adapter
Estimated Street Price: $7.99

Stock# 44168: USB Adapter for X4 and X1
Estimated Street Price: $ 12.99

Stock# 44159: X4 Cable with Temperature Sensor
Estimated Street Price: $ 6.99

All our chargers carry a one-year warranty against manufacturing defects from date-of-purchase. Customer service is available through phone support and email inquiries.

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