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FREE economy shipping on all orders over $99* US (lower 48 states)

AKA Scribble 1/10 Buggy Tires

From AKA:
AKA is proud to announce the first of many new tire designs coming to our 1:10 buggy line up for 2020. The Scribble series of tires is a clean sheet redesign and will set the foundation of our 1:10 Buggy tire line up going forward. Our design objectives were two fold. First, design a tire with an extended performance window. Second, have it work right out of the bag with little to no prep.

We think we have achieved both.

The first design objective of the Scribble was to extend the performance window. To accomplish this we concentrated heavily on getting the tire to wear even across the entire carcass no matter the tread depth. When tires wear unevenly from center to edge they have a very short performance window. The Scribble carcass and tread were designed together to compliment the properties of our clay compound resulting in even wear across the tire. The equal wear across the entire tread pattern creates a tire that will hold its max performance for run after run without hyper sensitivity to tread height.

The second design objective was to have a competitive tire right out of the bag with little to no prep. The number one complaint from drivers racing indoors on clay or dirt is how much time is spent “prepping” and or “breaking in” the current tires on the market to make them controllable those first few runs. We have virtually eliminated that.

Our unique, flowing tread design has been developed specifically around the properties of our clay rubber compound. The height, width and density of the tread has been thoughtfully engineered to provide race ready lap times out of the bag with little or no prep. No more throwing away practice runs doing final break in on tires. Mount, sauce and race.

Gil Losi put in over a year’s worth of research and testing to develop the Scribble. Several 3D models a week were printed until the right proportions were achieved. 100’s of hours of track time were spent testing and proving concepts and theories with hand built tires. All this resulted in a clean sheet design for our 1:10 Buggy line starting with the Scribble.

With the Scribble you will exchange prep time for track time and spend more time on the podium. Isn’t that what it’s all about?


  • 1 Pair of Tires with Inserts
  • Clay Compound
  • Red Inserts
  • Compatible with HEXlite and all other standard 2.2″ wheels

#13130CR – 1:10 BUGGY SCRIBBLE 2.2 REAR (CLAY) W/ RED INSERT – $21.99
#13230CR – 1:10 BUGGY SCRIBBLE 2.2 2WD FRONT (CLAY) W/ RED INSERT – $19.99
#13330CR – 1:10 BUGGY SCRIBBLE 2.2 4WD FRONT (CLAY) W/ RED INSERT – $20.99
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AKA Scribble 1/10 Buggy Tires

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