Ryan Lutz Partners With Agama & Bullitt

See: Nemo Racing USA

Nemo Racing USA, along with Agama and Bullitt have announced the signing of Ryan Lutz to their team. R.Lutz, one of the most approachable and helpful pro drivers the industry has ever seen will be running Agama cars and Bullitt engines at races all over the USA for 2019 and beyond.

“In 2010, Jon Hazlewood, Multi-time UK National Champion and 2006 IFMAR worlds finalist began the next chapter of his RC racing career, and Nemo Racing was born. Defined by a passion for racing at every step… In 2014 Nemo Racing would step in to the United States to take over the distribution duties for Agama cars and Bullitt engines, along with Beta tires and accessories, and thus Nemo Racing USA was born. In 2016, Billy Tylaska was brought in to head up operations on the ground in the United States. A relative unknown in the RC industry, but lit with the same passion as Jon, Billy began to lay the ground work for what would become the next and greatest chapter in our story……”

A few words from Ryan…

“When needing to find a new home this opportunity hit all the right notes. I feel like I have found a diamond in the rough so to speak. An established brand with a great track record already, just waiting for the opportunity to burst onto the forefront of the R/C industry! In speaking with Billy and Jon, everything just fit together like a puzzle and it has almost seemed too good to be true. I look forward to working with these guys at Nemo Racing and the Agama and Bullitt team to show these vehicles as truly capable and fully competitive on the world stage! Let’s get this season started!”

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