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We Treat You Like a V.I.P.!

The King Cobra of Florida VIP Sponsorship Rewards Program allows us to sponsor you – or your racing team – with valuable cash-back on every purchase in the form of “King Cobra Bucks”.

The best part, it’s totally FREE!

Just place your first order and make sure to create an account during checkout to claim your rewards.


How V.I.P Rewards Work

You will earn 2 King Cobra Bucks for every 1 dollar you spend…  and go from there up to 4-to-1,  6-to-1  or even 10-to-1 rewards on every dollar you spend!

King Cobra Bucks can be spent during checkout and applied towards any order.

The more King Cobra Bucks you earn,  the higher your reward level will go.

Each reward level gives you EVEN MORE King Cobra Bucks on your next purchase.

To get started, simply create your account during checkout and you’ll instantly begin receiving King Cobra Bucks with every purchase.


V.I.P. Rewards Ranks For All Members

Each rank you achieve earns you MORE rewards on every purchase, for life!

        Reward Level                        How To Reach This Rank                      Rewards (for every dollar spent)          


Spend $1 or More

(over life of account)

2 King Cobra Bucks per $1 spent



Spend $500 or More

(over life of account)

4 King Cobra Bucks per $1 spent



Spend $1500 or More

(over life of account)

6 King Cobra Bucks per $1 spent



Spend $5,000 or More

(over life of account)

8 King Cobra Bucks per $1 spent


Sponsored Member Rewards

Sponsored Customers receive the HIGHEST level of rewards, higher than any Rank!

        Sponsorship Level                        How To Become Sponsored                      Rewards (for every dollar spent)          


Apply For Sponsorship

(apply for sponsorship)

10 King Cobra Bucks per $1 spent



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Already Sponsored by King Cobra of Florida?

If you are already sponsored but don’t have an account here on our new website yet,  please give us a call at 888-449-5004 and we can transfer your existing sponsorship over into our new system.

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