Monster’s Limited Edition Stampede 4×4 Only Available In-Store

The limited-edition Monster©️ Mutant Stampede 4X4 is available now in store here at King Cobra of Florida!

This WILL BE THE ONLY one we will ever get, because they are only allowing ONE PER STORE!

Supplies are limited and they are only making a few of these! Luckily we were one of the few Traxxas Dealers who qualify to carry this exclusive Monster©️ Truck.

Traxxas & Monster limited edition stampede.

The Monster Mutant Stampede 4X4 is intended for in-store sales only and not for internet sales.

This means you MUST come by 8310 Lillian Hwy in Pensacola, to purchase it in-store.

Just make sure you hurry up,  or give us a call to reserve it,  because this won’t be here for long!

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