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Connor Phillips
Jacksonville, FL

Bike: Cobra SR

About Connor:
My name is Connor Phillips and I am 6 years old. I just got my 2012 Cobra SR for Christmas this year. I am very enthusiastic about racing just like my father. I will be making my racing debut March 2018. I want to win and I was born to be a champion. In a few years I want to qualify for Loretta Lynn national race with my dad!


Mac Wooten
Lexa, AR

Bike: Cobra jr

About Mac:
"MAD" Mac Wooten. 4 years old. Got a suzuki jr for my 3rd birthday and been rolling ever since. I love to ride. I have a small mile track in my yard which i stay on.


Toledo, OH


Race Mx and BMX Wednesday nights at Toledo box track.. Hobbies besides Motocross are football, basketball and wrestling...excellent student in school as well!


Jackson Berry
Bishop, GA

Bike: 2016 FWE Cobra 50 Sr.

About Jackson:
My name is Jackson Berry. I am 6 years old. My first dirt bike was a 2009 Honda CRF 50. I currently have a 2011 KTM 50 sx mini which I race.

I started riding when I turned 5 years old. I made Loretta Lynn regionals last season and it was only my third race ever. I've been racing in the Big Classic MX series this summer and currently Second in points in the 4 to 6 stock class winning 2 out of 5 races so far. I turn 7 years old in November and ready to move up to a bigger bike. I'm looking forward to getting my new FWE Cobra 50 Sr.

Sponsorship Update: Jackson Berry accepted a sponsorship offer from King Cobra of Florida, and is now riding his new Cobra SR with new custom graphics! Welcome to the King Cobra of Florida Team!


Carston Shepherd
Woodsboro, MD

Bike: 50 SR King

About Carston:
Loves to practice at the local tracks and backyard (woods). Also plays football, lacrosse and hockey.


Reid Swanbom
Land O Lakes, Florida

Bike: 2016 King Cobra

About Reid:
My first Dirt bike was a PW50 when I was 3. Started FTR last year on a KTM senior and racing full season this year with my 2016 Cobra. I’m currently 2nd in points!


Joaquin Aldas
Quito, Pichincha

Bike: Cobra

About Joaquin:
Joaquin is 8th years old started at 5, being the 2016 3rd in 50cc and 2017 1st in 50cc all cobra we are plannig to change with a 65cc


Raiden Riggle
Bedford, IN

Bike: Cx50Jr

About Raiden:
I am 6 years old, I made my racing debut in July of 2017. I am currently the points leader in my class running the Crossroads Off-Road Series and have moved up to 11th in the Kentuckiana MX Championship Series


Ezra Mintz
Farmington, Nm

Bike: Cx 50 Sr

About Ezra:
I am a 6 year old who started riding at 5. I finished 4th in my first season of racing with Webe racing. I am advancing very well and looking forward to doing great in my racing season next year. Any help we can get on parts etc is greatly appreciated. Thank you


Hogan Mims #70
Lake View, AL

Bike: 2008 Cobra 50 Jr

About Hogan:
Hogan is currently riding the 50 , who started riding on PWs at 3, and now is riding both the PW and Cobra 50 Jr. He is absolutely fanatical about MX, and works hard to to improve so he can follow in his big bro's footsteps.


Bradley Wooten
Lexa, Arkansas

Bike: 2012 cx50 jr

About Bradley:
I am 4 years old, very outgoing and love to race! I ride a king cobra 2012 cx50 jr. I have been riding dirtbikes since I was two. I learn more and more while training with my dad every day. I have done more than 10 races and have completed everyone


Hemi Price
Eldorado, il

Bike: Cobra Cx Jr

About Hemi:
My name is Hemi. I am 7 yrs old and ride Cobra CX 50 SR. I am currently racing the Grassroots MX series and will be racing MAMS. I have won 6 Championships and working on another. I love racing and riding! I am looking to achieve many goals this year and ride and learn as much as I can!
See you at the Gate!


Tristan Raines
Vinemont, AL

Bike: Cobra

About Tristan:
I am Tristan Raines. I am 7 years old. I have only been racing since February 2017. My riding and racing has become the biggest part of my life. I enjoy spending time with my friends and family at the different tracks we go to. My ambitions are to stand on the podium at Loretta's in the next few years. My number is 316 because of my favorite Bible verse John 3:16. I want to say thanks to God for keeping me safe when I ride. Thanks to my friends and family who support me in this sport of my choice.


Delano Hanley
Southampton, Bermuda

Bike: King Cobra

About Delano:
My name is Delano "Lano" Hanley im 8yrs old, I live an race in Bermuda. This will be my first year racing I have been training really hard for the up coming season. I thank my Mommy & Michael for making my dream come true!!!



Bike: combra cx65 2011



Jerzee St. Croix
Minot , North dakota

Bike: 2016 cobra jr

About Jerzee:
Hi, my name is Jerzee Ray St. Croix. Everyone likes to call me, "Sugar Ray." I have been riding dirt bike since I was three years old. When I first started riding, I rode a PW 50 with training wheels. But, before the summer was over I got to take them off. My dad then bought me a CRF 50 3 speed automatic, and built me a track in my backyard. When I told him that I wanted to race he said, "OK, buddy." It turns out there was a NDMA circuit race in my hometown, and he entered me into it. After seeing my love for racing and the great potential I had, he went out and bought my KTM 50 Sr. I got to ride two more motos that season. Shortly after my last moto, my dad found me a newer KTM 50. This last winter we got to travel out of state to Rapid City, SD to race at the Indoor Arena Cross. I placed 4th in my class in my 4th moto EVER! We started our 2017 NDMA Circuit this past weekend in Dickinson, ND. I placed 1st place in all four motos, and came out of the weekend as the points leader! I am so excited for the rest of the NDMA circuit!


Max Newman
St. Augustine, Florida

Bike: King Cobra

About Max:
I'm 7 years od and am in second grade. My first bike was a crf 50 when I was 4 but went to a ktm when i was ready to race at age 5. This last season I started getting the holeshots and even got my first first place. I finished with a 5th overall for the season and that's with missing one race. I'm looking forward to the upcoming season being on a Cobra and I know my dad is too


Cale Stinnett #22
Friendsville, TN

Bike: 2013 CX50 jr

About Cale:
I am Cale Stinnett and have raced for 1 year at 4 years old winning the Volunteer State Championship Series on a KTM mini SX. We are switching over to Cobras and are really impressed with the confidence they are giving us. I enjoy outdoor activities and just riding for fun too.


Owen Stinnett
Collinsville, Illinois

Bike: 2013 Cobra Jr. 50

About Owen :
I am six years old . This will be my second year riding motorcross . I also like to ride my bike at the skate park .


Thomas NeSmith #77

Bike: Cobra Jr

About Thomas :
My name is Thomas NeSmith I am 6 years old, I love racing , winning and learning new knowledge on my dirtbike journey. I enjoy playing with my brother and dirtbike friends


Luke Brown
scottsburg, Indiana

Bike: 2017 Cobra FWE 50 SR

About Luke:
My name is Luke Brown. Im from Scottsburg, IN. I am an 8 year old at Scottsburg Elementary School where I am an A and B student. When I'm not racing I'm practicing on my at home track or playing with my toy dirtbikes.
I raced a little bit of everywhere in 2016-17. Kentuckiana MX Series, Earlywine Indoor Series,FMF Indoor Series, Amsoil Arena Cross,and Hoosier HilltoppersTriple Crown Series where I placed 1st in 7-8 Sr. I am also on a 65. I want to thank everyone who has helped me become the racer I am today and look forward to growing and improving on every skill.


jake scott
fleming, ga

Bike: 05 cx king

About jake:
My name is jake i go by leego. I have been riding for about two years. I ride a local track big nasty in bloomingdale ga. I i really love to ride my cobra.


trey scott
Fleming , ga

Bike: king cobra

About trey:
Hi my name is trey i have been racing about 2 years and i love it


Konner Barta #65
Wilson, Ks

Bike: Cobra

About Konner:
I am 6 years old, i live in Kansas and have been riding a dirt bike for 3 1/2 years. I am currently in 3rd place in my jr class and 2nd in the Peewee open class in CKMS (central kansas motocross series). I ride hard and take advice from everyone. Thank you for your time


Morgan Burbas
Midland , Nc

Bike: 2012 King

About Morgan:
Hi my name is Morgan and I live in Charlotte NC. I turned 7 in August and have been riding since I was three .
My Cobra is the best bike I have had and is always ready to strike.
Last month I finished 6th in the 50cc open class in arena cross and that was a new track with no practice.
We will be racing a few more Arena Cross's this winter, but I really want to get ready for the mini O's next year
Praise God
Morgan Burbas
Romans 8:28


Beau Pischner
Stafford, VA

Bike: Cobra Sr.

About Beau:
My name is Beau, I am 7 years old going into 2nd grade and I have been riding since I was 3. I got my first bike for Christmas in 2012 and have been obsessed ever since. I guess you can say it is just a part of me, I have been watching my Daddy race motocross and superbikes since I was born and love life at the track. Riding is my passion, all of my free time is spent training and I wouldn't trade it for anything! This year I am taking my first step into racing and I'm super pumped, I hope to do well but above all I want to have fun!


Brody Pischner
Stafford, Va

Bike: Cobra Sr.

About Brody:
I'm Brody! I am 6 years old going into 1st grade and I love racing my dirtbike! My brother and I have been riding every chance we can get since I was just over 2 years old! I got my first bike in 2012 and was riding before I could even ride a tricycle! This year I am excited to race my first season, it is very important to me as I have been watching my Daddy race motocross and superbikes since I was born! My favorite time is track time where I can learn more about the sport I love and build on the skills I already have! Practice makes perfect!


Zakaree Newton
Oxford , Alabama

Bike: 2016 50 FWE

About Zakaree:
My name is Zakaree Newton, I'm 8 years old. I race in the Alabama state series and started riding/racing this March. I'm in the top 10 in standing out of 20 or more kids. I just started riding but I practice and work very hard getting better and I've kept up with kids that's rode since PW's or beaten them. I have a lot to learn and I ride everyday I get a chance because I wanna be the best and more seat time the better. I would love to get training from more experienced riders but my dad is my coach/mechanic and he's doing his very best and studying the sport to help me out. I would love to one day have a sponsor that believes and want to help a kid that's working to be the best.


Harley McDonald
Scranton, Iowa

Bike: Cobra CX65

About Harley:
My name is Harley McDonald, I'm almost 10 years old. I am the oldest of 3, with 2 little sisters. I enjoy spending my days working on my practice track, riding dirtbikes, and racing! This year I am riding in the 65jr. and 65 open classes, and this month, I started riding the 65 class in the flat track races. I love riding, I go every chance I get! I am going into the 4th grade this year, but if it was up to me, i would race all the time and be home-schooled! I love being outside, getting dirty, and doing what i love best, Dirt Bike Riding!! My goal is to do the best I can every time I'm on the track, and win those trophies!


Fisher Smith
saint Helena island, South Carolina

Bike: Cobra CX50 Jr

About Fisher:
I'm 5 years old, this is my first year racing. Had some bad luck with my pw50 early in the year, since ive gotten my cobra things have gotten better.


Caiden Biggart
Huntingdon, TN

Bike: 2014 cobra

About Caiden:
My name is Caiden Biggart and i am 8 yrs old. I am the youngest of two boys and my brother Preston is my best friend. Preston is 9 and rides a 65 and we ride and train together. I am a honor roll student and enjoy watching WWE wrestling. I ride about 2-3 days a week and race every weekend my dad is not working. Im currently racing a 2014 Limited edition cobra 50 and will be soon getting a Cobra 65. Next year will be my last year on a 50 and will be racing a 65 for the next few years. I love spending time with my family and spending the weekend at the races. My goal in racing is lining up at Loretta Lynn's and getting to race the gnarly track. We only live about 45 mins from there and we always spend the week watching but I really want to qualify so i can say i am one of the fastest 40 in my class in the world!


Maddox Kiser #34
KILLEN, Alabama

Bike: 2015 cobra 50 sr

About Maddox:
Maddox Kiser 7 year from killen al old finished 4th in ascs in 2014 3rd 2015 currently 5th this year. Just switched to cobra mid season from ktm. So far he loves it .


Cameron York
Mexico, MO

Bike: cx 50 jr

About Cameron:
My name is Cameron people call me Roon. I am four and have just started racing a Pw 50. I like to jump so dad got me a cobra 50 Jr that has more suspension so I can jump. I am hoping to race it next year. It's not new so we have to fix it up. Dad and I like to ride at the track.


zaxten stewart
paragould , arkansas

Bike: 2009 cobra cx50 jr

About zaxten :
My name is zaxten stewart, i am 5 yrs old. I love riding my dirt bike and enjoy getting to spend time with my family at the races. My dad is my coach and my biggest fans are my mom and my 2 year old sister Zynlee. I have won 6 of the 8 races this year and i have only been riding since late may of 2016. I just got my cobra and I love it! It is so fast! I think this is what i was needing to take my racing to the next level! thank you for making such a great motorcycle!


Waiki Ng
Chitre, Panama

Bike: Cobra cx 50

About Waiki:
I am 7 years old, I live in Panama,
My first dirt bike was a 2007 Honda CRF 50. Now I have a Cobra CX 50 Sr (king).
I like to go to the track every day for 1/2 hr to practice (first I have to finish my Homework), in the future I want to be National champion of the 50cc category.


Mason Fudge
Lee, Florida

Bike: 2016 cobra 50 JR

About Mason:
Hi, my name is Mason. I have been riding since I was 3 years old. I learned to ride first on a Honda XR 50R. I am extremely excited to learn to ride this 2016 Cobra 50 JR. I can't wait to go fast!!!!!



Bike: PW50 / Cobra 50 jr

About Colt:
My name is Colt Martin I am 5 years old. I live in Talladega AL. I love riding and racing my dirt bikes and playing with my friends.


Kellin Crouse
Wall lake , Ia

Bike: Cobra 50

About Kellin:
My name is Kellin. I am 7 years old and in 2nd grade. I have been racing MX since I was 5. I qualified to race the 2015 Arenacross Amateur National Championship race in Las Vegas, NV. I was injured in a MX accident 2 weeks prior, had to have emergency surgery and was unable to race. Although, I still went to Las Vegas to support my friends! I Consistently finish in the top 5 in Outlaw/District races in Iowa. I cannot wait to race the 2017 Arenacross series on my King Cobra 50! Thank you for your sponsorship.


Keaton Lawson
Santa claus, In

Bike: 2013 Cobra CX65

About Keaton:
I'm 8 years old and started riding in summer of '16. Enjoy trail and motocross riding. will be doing a lot of woods racing events with my Dad and Uncle


Gannon Gates
Apache, Oklahoma

Bike: 2014 CX 50 jr

About Gannon:
My name is Gannon Gates I'm 6 y/o, in 1st grade and a straight A student at Apache Elementary. I'm very outgoing and can make friends anywhere. I also love to play soccer and sing in children's choir at my church. I love racing and then hanging out with my moto buddies.
I have been riding for almost a year and was riding a KTM but recently purchased a Cobra to run the Oklahoma state series in the 4-6 age group.
I won the 4-6 age group and the open 50cc, in the cowboy shootout series at AMP motorsports complex in Stillwater this summer. I finished 4th in the 4-6 age group at the hot summer nights series at OMC in Norman, and am currently 3rd in points in the 4-6 y/o in the Oklahoma winter series.
I am currently 4th in points in the Oklahoma Winter Series but closing in on 3rd.


Lucas Streznetcky
Montverde, FL

Bike: CX50 Jr (2012 & 2016)

About Lucas:
I just started riding last Christmas at age 5. I have many practice sessions and two races under my belt - one at Dade City and the most recent at Orlando Mx where I finished in first place in the 50cc beginner class. I'm hooked on the sport!


cohen watkins
union, sc

Bike: cobra

About cohen:
My name is Cohen Watkins, Im 7 years old and race yamaha pw 50,s(which I am currently transitioning into my cobra junior 50 cc's). I have 2 cobras, for practice and to compete. I try my very hardest on the tracks as well as my class room. I am ranked top 3 in my class and take school very seriously. This is my 2nd year competing and actually have my on practice track. My mom and dad both work full time jobs and lots of overtime to provide for my racing. We are trying to get all the help we can get for 2017 so I can continue to do what I really love and thats ride and race my dirtbike. I have actually been riding since the age of 4, competing since age 5. My biggest accomplishment to this day is 3rd and 4th place overall points in my 4-6 stock and multispeed/shaft classes at the EASTBEND MX 2016 Spring Series. I hope to one day compete at lorettas and mini o's! With the help and sponsership from king cobra of flordia I hope to be able to keep my cobras running and maintained as they should. Every little bit helps and it would be soo awesome to have you guys in our corner and someone we can depend on for my cobras.


Griffin Miller
Longwood, Florida

Bike: Cobra jr an sir

About Griffin:
Im 7 yrs old. I love racing motocross. My dad raced his whole life. An who got me into racing. Last year was my first year racing an i raced at dade city. I raced 2 classes. Pw 4-6 an 50 4-6. I finished 2nd in both classes. I thought it was pretty amazing for my first year.


Peyton Prouty
Martinez, Ga


About Peyton:
I'm a 9 year old motocross racer. Started when I was 4 on my Yamaha PW50. Then continued into the 50 cc ranks. last year finshed 14th at the WW Ranch in Jacksonville after going down. Then 14th at South of the Border with mechanical issues. Now on the Cobra CX65 we have great expectations for this season.


Ivan-Blake Galindo
Midland, Texas

Bike: 2016 Cobra

About Ivan-Blake:
I am 10 years old been racing 4 years now. I am in the 5th Grade Homeschooled. This last year was my best year of racing placing top 3 in the Texas State Nationals And Top 3 at The AZ Open Nationals In Buckeye,Arizona couldnt have done it without THE GOOD LORD.


Austin Griffin
Sumter, South Carolina

Bike: 2010 CX COBRA JR 50

About Austin:
My name is Austin. I am 7 years old. I have been racing dirt bikes since I was 5 years old. I enjoy riding my CX COBRA JR 50. I like to play sports but my favorite is riding dirt bikes.


Rylan Ross
Cleveland, Tennessee

Bike: Cobra

About Rylan :
My name is Rylan Ross, I started racing back in August 2016 on which I won 4th place in the Calhoun MX fall series on my kx 65 and I just recently got a 2015 cobra and looking forward to the 2017 spring and fall mx series at Calhoun, and other places. I enjoying racing and learning new things and getting faster and hope to go far with motocross, and want to be a pro someday.


Zack Holland
Lake, Mississippi

Bike: 2017 king cobra fwe

About Zack:
Iam 7ys old i have been rideing 7months.and i love riding my king cobra goal is to make it to loretta lynn' day i hope to b a suppercross racer.


Skye Hamilton
Lake, Mississippi

Bike: Honda

About Skye:
Iam 4yrs old i love motorcross.i been rideing for a month i cant wait to get my first trophy.


Easton Kearney
Harlem , Ga

Bike: Cobra JR

About Easton:
My name is Easton Kearney. I am 7 years old, live in Harlem GA. I attend Augusta Christian School. I love to ride. One of my favorite things about riding is the friends i have made along the way.


Graysen Martini
Carrollton, Georgia

Bike: Yamaha PW50

About Graysen:
Hi my name is Graysen Martini I am 5 years old and I love to ride my dirt bike. I recently had a birthday and my dad got me a new 2017 Yamaha PW50. I am looking forward to learning to improve my riding skills and having fun. On May 13 I qualified for my first Loretta Lynn regional. I am very excited and look forward to having fun at GatorBack Cycle park.


Derrick Whittemore, Jr
Ashville, AL

Bike: 2004 Yamaha PW

About Derrick :
I have loved motorcycles since I could climb on my dads. This is my first year racing in the ASCS and I am currently in 4th place in points. I am moving up in my class and ready for my new Cobra to start a new journey. Getting the hole shot revs my adrenaline.



Bike: FWE

About COLE:
I am 7 years old and in first grade at Palencia Elementary School. I recently just transferred from KTM 50SX to 2018 CX50 FWE cobra and I'm excited for the 2018 season. I've been riding dirt bikes for 7 months and love it! I love playing outside, catching lizards and getting dirty! I'm a member of Pax Trax Motocross Park and enjoy riding in the Kyle Farnell MX School. I'll be making my race debut in March 2018. I'm looking forward to the races and meeting new friends along my MX journey!


Levi Gower
Madison, WI

Bike: Cobrea

About Levi:
I enjoy riding with my sister and teaching her new things. I look forward to moving up in the 50cc Sr class and the 65 Jr. Class. My goal is to make it to every qualifying race for Loretta's.


Levi Lovell
Elko, Nevada

Bike: CX 50 Jr

About Levi:
My name is Levi and im 7yrs old. I ride in the neighborhood with my friends that are older and bigger. They help me ride harder to keep up with them. I like teaching my 5 yr old sister how to i ride. I want to make it to Loretts


Chasen Danger Dunn
ashford, WA

Bike: Cobra Cx50

About Chasen Danger:
Hi, my name is Chasen Danger Dunn. I am 7 years old and have been riding dirtbikes for about 3 years. I just started racing last summer and i love it. I race motocross at as many tracks as I can. I live in Ashford, Washinton and have tons of trails to ride on near by. I also have a pretty good sized track on my back yard that I get to practice on all the time. I love to ride and hope to be a pro one day.


Trevor David
Whitney point, New York

Bike: Cobra jr

About Trevor:
Trevor is young at 6 years old but is determined. He switched from a yamaha to a cobra in 2017 half way through the racing season. He loves all aspects of racing. This will be his 2nd year in the D3 series, but his 3rd year racing. He started off at a little local track near our house. Once he switched to the cobra he ended up finishing in 2nd place which really made him happy, but this year he's striving for 1st!


Jack Saracino
Apollo beach, Fl

Bike: P3

About Jack:
I’m jack and I’m 5 years old. I have only been ridding for 4 months. My mom works in the emergency room and was against dirt bikes till one day she said yes! Now every week my mom takes me to the track for lessons and I raced my first race on Sunday and won 1st place in pw50 and 3rd in the 50 4-6yr. I love to ride!


Nico Trkla
Afton, MN

Bike: 2016.5 CX50FWE

About Nico:
I am Nico Trkla and I just turned 7 years old. This will be my first season racing and I can't wait to get started on my 2016.5 CX50FWE ... man that bike can RIP! I practiced once a week at the Cedar Lake Arena in New Richmond, WI all winter but I can't wait to get started on the outdoor tracks next month. I participated in the last race at Cedar Lake on 3/3/18 in both the 50CC 7-8 premix and the 50CC 4-8 open - these are the classes I will be in this season also. I can't wait for some wins on my Cobra! Thank you for making such an amazing bike for kids like me who love the sport!


Branson Pollard
Sumter, Sc

Bike: Cobra jr

About Branson:
My name is Branson Pollard and I am 5 yrs old. I have been riding and racing for a little over a year and love pushing myself to improve. Ive been racing my crf50 in the shaft class and just got a Cobra Jr for my birthday so I can take my riding to the next level!


Tayce Morgan
West Haven, UT

Bike: Cobra Jr

About Tayce:
My name is Tayce Morgan, I’m a 6 year old motocross racer from West Haven Utah. I follow the RMX series, which I’m currently the points leader in the 4-6 year old class. My dream this year is to make it the the Rocky Mountain Atv AMA championship in Tennessee.


Kam Colee
Northport, AL

Bike: 2018 cobra FWE

About Kam:


Jack Sims III
Greenwood, MS

Bike: 2018 Cobra 50

About Jack:
My name is Jack Sims III.
I got my first dirtbike, a Yamaha PW50 when I was 5 years old. I started racing it in the Nitro Areacross Circuit. I am 6 now and am riding my New Cobra 50. I am excited to have King Cobra as one of my sponsors. I plan to work hard and improve my skills so that can continue to get better.


Benji Gladman
Mount Eliza, Victoria, Australia

Bike: Cobra CX65

About Benji:
Benji started getting serious 2 years ago with a Cobra CX50, and quickly dominated all other 50's on our home track.
> Having recently moved to the CX65, on his second outing he passed all but one of the 85's! He's a tough racer, and is known for his aggressive cornering.
> Benji's hero is Ryan Dungey, and has taken on his strategy of setting goals, and achieving them with hard work and determination.


Landon Tatum
Hernando, Ms

Bike: 2016 King Cobra

About Landon :
I like practicing and racing my Cobra 50. I have 3 dirt bikes right now. I enjoy watching motorcross and free style motorcross. I enjoy playing with my dog Axle. I like reading books fiction and non fiction. I play soccer also. When I don’t have school work I like playing my Xbox.


Chase Goodwin
Pensacola, FL

Bike: Cobra

About Chase:
Races I plan to attend this year is Mini O's, Greater Gulf Coast Mx Series, Mississippi State Mx series, last few races of Alabama State Mx series.


Mikah Alves

Bike: Cobra SR

About Mikah:
I'm Mikah "Skilla" Alves and I started racing last year when I was 5years old on a PW50. I placed 2nd in my class for my first season of racing. This year I'm riding a 2015 Cobra CX50SR. I'm really excited about racing this upcoming season and doing even better. Thanks to all my Family and Fans.

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