How To Finance RC Vehicles, Parts or Accessories

Here at King Cobra of Florida, we believe everyone should be able to afford fast family-friendly fun that Radio Control provides.  That’s why we offer several financing or payment plan options for your next purchase.

What Can You Finance?

Anything in our store! (call us if you need us to add something). From RC vehicles to parts, and accessories.. or anything else we sell,  you can easily get approved for a low monthly payment plan and drive now, pay later.  Now you have no excuse not to grab the RC vehicles, parts and accessories you want and need.

Here’s How To Finance Your Next RC purchase:

  1. 1. Simply add the items you want to your cart.. anything we sell online here is eligible.
  2. 2. Once you go to checkout,  simply choose a financing option instead of using paypal or credit card.
  3. 3. You’ll be taken to a secure financing application with real-time instant approval in most cases.
  4. 4. In most cases you will be able to select a payment plan that you like, and make the first low monthly payment to finish the order.
  5. 5. In some cases you may have to discuss your payment plan options with us before we send you a quick digital signature by email.
  6. 6. Once you choose a payment plan and make the first payment,  typically your items ship out 3-4 business days later!


For easy RC financing, choose one of these options during cart/checkout…


TimePayment & King Cobra of Florida RC Financing

We work with TimePayment because they provide some of the best payment plans in the market,  and some of the best customer service.  They also offer zero interest payment plans for up to 12 months.  With this option you can apply and get approved during checkout.  Once approved we will give you a call or email you to let you know the various payment plan options. Once you select one we send you a quick digital signature by email and you are done!

GetFinancing & King Cobra of Florida RC Financing

GetFinancing has great customer service, and some of the lowest interest and best payment plans anywhere.  While they don’t offer zero interest, they do offer very low interest and easy to afford payments.  They also allow you to instantly be approved, and finish your entire financing order from within our website cart.  You will instantly find out your payment plan options, select a payment plan, and make your first months payment plan to finish the order.  Once you do this, your job is done and we take it from there.


After You Finish Checkout

Whichever financing option you choose, the whole process to complete your financing order takes less than an hour, and we make it very easy for you every step of the way.

Once your financing order is complete.. we simply wait about 3-4 business days for the financing company to send us the funds and finalize all the paperwork.

During this funding process as we wait for the funds to arrive, we will be packaging up your items, packing your box and making sure it goes out safely.  Your tracking number will be provided to you as soon as possible.

Best of all, we also have some of the best interest rates available in our payment plans.  You can rest assured knowing you paid the least amount of interest possible, and got the best prices out there on every item thanks to King Cobra of Florida’s unbeatable pricing.

So far, we have financed over a thousand happy customers and helped them get the RC vehicles, parts and accessories they need to go fast and have fun.

Our funding partners are committed to providing us with outstanding customer service as we work individually with each and every customer to achieve their RC dreams for a low, low monthly payment plan that anyone can afford.

So, that’s how financing for Radio Control works here at King Cobra of Florida.

Have RC Financing Questions? Call 888-449-5004

If you have any questions about our financing plans,  or want to get approved easily without adding items to your cart, give us a call at 888-449-5004 and one of our customer service reps can get your financing application started.

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