Financing – Apply Now

We offer several financing and payment plan options designed to let you buy now,  and pay later.  We make it our mission to get you approved for financing or easy payment plans on anything we sell.

How To Finance Anything Instantly During Checkout

1.  Just add your items to the cart…

2.  Select a financing option during checkout.

You’ll instantly be presented with various payment plan options,  and you can choose a payment plan,  make your first payment,  and checkout instantly.

PLUS,  you have no obligation to complete the order if you don’t like any payment plans presented.

Let Us Get You Approved Now!

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How Financing Orders Are Processed

  • Add the items you wish to finance to your cart.
  • Choose a financing option during checkout,  instead of paying with c.c. or paypal.
  • You will be taken to a secure financing application with instant approval notification.
  • Once approved, you will have the option to select a payment plan.
  • Select a payment plan to complete your order.
  • Your order will be checked and completed by our financing manager for final approval, then shipped after a 3-business-day funding period and/or once the items have come in.

1. Choose a Payment Plan

If you chose GetFinancing as your financing during checkout,  you can immediately choose a payment plan and make your first payment without speaking to anyone.

If you chose TimePayment as your financing during checkout, you must give us a call to choose and setup a payment plan.

2. Quick Digital Signature

If you chose GetFinancing as your financing during checkout, you can immediately choose a payment plan, and sign your paperwork digitally,  without speaking to anyone.

If you chose TimePayment as your financing during checkout, we will reach out to you by phone and email because we will have to send you the paperwork for digital signature.

3. The Funding Process

If you paid for an order with financing, your items will not ship until the funding process is complete.  Typically the funding process adds 3 business days to the order.  Once the funding process is complete and funds are confirmed to be received, the accounting department will release the order to be processed, and the items will be shipped just like any other order.

Why? All financing orders MUST be funded (we must receive the funds) before your order can ship.  Typically the funding process takes 3-4 business days however can sometimes be faster.  Please keep in mind that when financing,  your order WILL NOT SHIP IMMEDIATELY.  We must actually receive the funds in our account so that our accounting department can clear the hold on your order and shipping can ship it.

4. Receive Your Tracking #

Once the funding process has completed and your items are cleared by accounting department to ship, you will typically receive your tracking number the same day, or next business day unless the items are on backorder.


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